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    Sorry for the delay in the answers, currently on vacation, uhm, i'l take any good tower wep with nice stats, but i'd neeed screenshots or to see them ingame, and also an itemcheck
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    hello lads boys it's ya boy empty back on di game, yes the god is back, back to buy some things for the update, i'd like to buy some nice tower sparus i offer diamonds mana cubes etc, just hmu with some in the comments or add me what ever diamonds are 5 10 15 coal 12b you guys know it all,thanks for reading!
  3. EmptyX

    [WTB] Events

    Buying all kinds of traced events, add me or pm me on steam or leave a message on the thread >empty
  4. Most definetly this one. Dragon ball super, what a great anime. 
  5. I said her the exact same thing lmao
  6. Hey guys, back with the auctions. Looking to auction this ult+ capping chain helm Accepting Coals 7:1, cubes and diamonds 4/8/14. (Gonna lower price a bit since i dont really need them.) Happy bidding and good luck! I reserve the right to not sell the piece if i'm not satisfied with the price. C/O: 10cv minimum bid increment:1cv  >Empty
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    Item Check Thread

    http://prntscr.com/ccf6h2 Item check please :D
  8. Nijox is here i'm out :D Same lmao
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