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  1. SpiderDanx I love your festive attitude. Merry Christmas to you and all the DD2 community my friend :) Best wishes and Happy New Year!!!
  2. Meaning of ALPHA and BETA games Ok i see a TON of people complaining about this game not having this, or theres a bug here, or this is broken... basically a lot of whining and moaning about crap that is not in the game and should be. You need to remember that this game is not even a month old and instead of helping the devs you are hindering by just repeating the same old story. Here are the meanings of what games are before they are truly released Alpha state games A working alpha state game is the game itself with all the basic core concepts in place (and most likely some still being developed or drawn up) allowing players the base freedoms that allow the game to resolve gameplay issues, early exploits, small bugs, major bugs, early balancing and many other issues that you wont see in a fully released game that does not state that its an alpha or beta state game. This all being said, the best way to get thing that devs have as a tool is in my eyes the community or "us" putting it plainly. We are the force that drives them to make an outstanding product that we are all eager to enjoy. When developers see the forums exploding with issues like people saying that "the game is dying" or "this game sucks" then whats the point of them continuing on making this game for people that have already given up on them? Things like this in some extreme cases do have valid points but in very rare cases do they matter for Alpha state games that have literally just been made playable for people. The best thing that you can do in the Alpha State of game development (especially with a working and released alpha state game) is to give constructive feedback to the devs so that they can interact with the community, sharing ideas or even allowing us to sometimes vote on different content that could be included in the game later on. For those that are alpha testers who stay around from this point forwards our word and feedback becomes very valued and wanted by the devs because we would have more experience than a fresh player at release. This in itself can create a much better and more fluid game for everyone to enjoy. RECAP Alpha state games are: -Incomplete basic forms of the game -Full of bugs -Unbalanced in some areas (or all) -Will have major changes at times (such as the removal of Station PvP which is being re-implimented and will not be removed from game0 -Graphics Artefacts - And a lot of other inconsistencies with the game that wont be in a full release or even beta state games Beta State Games Beta state games are in some cases a simple fine tuning of a 90% complete game, or could be another stage for the devs to add another round of content for the end product itself. There are a lot of different ways to see what beta state games are and normally they are categorized by the different numbers associated with them. a common way of seeing this (in most games but not all) are the 3 numbers in patch notes such as 0.1.9 (early beta phase) or 0.9.8 (late beta stage) different developers have different ways of doing this but the higher the number, the later in the creation it is. Now this is a time when its like going over a game with a fine tooth comb to find all the last existing bugs or balance changes. At this point more and more players will most likely take a stance on if the game is a good one or not as most of the time (not all) the future potential has been revealed and what the devs work ethic is and how it will be possibly during later development and release. But this stage is critical as well, because sometimes large bugs, exploits, glitches and other issues do pass over from the alpha state. But its also the time when a lot of new content can be added, tested and looked over. At this point in development keep an open mind, but keep active on the forums, look for issues and things that might need to be addressed by the devs. Or bring up new ideas and suggestions on in game stuff and mechanics Review -Less bugs and issues -Better balancing -quicker hotfixes or updates -more content (but not all) -game changes
  3. EV2 has a great dps character and good builder. If you just want to build towers then I'd say get AL. DO NOT GET GUNWITCH unless you have all other characters, spheres, and basically nothing else to get with your defender medals.
  4. WTF! Spheres are a integral part of this game. Without them this game is severly broken. You need to fix this ASAP with a hotfix. Waiting a week is unacceptable. I left last week hoping the new patch would bring some good news. Nope.... You've broken the game... :( I've uninstalled and don't plan on playing this game again after logging over 1000+ hours. Time to "warframe" pew pew!! Trendy just give up. You can't make a good game anymore. The experiment is over. You tried. It was a good try but you failed. It's ok. Take your experience and move on to bigger and better things.
  5. So i have like 100s of pet stat rerolls but they dont work. Also I've found the only stats i can reroll are the resist stats with the reroll items. Is this a bug? i need to reroll my pets hd to dp or dc. Anyone else having this issue? I've opened many more reroll boxes and same issue. I did have 100 or so more pet ability reroll so its not like i was confused or something. Please help. -Pet Stats Stuck
  6. Two weeks from release the new heroes are supposed to drop to 10k DMs yes.
  7. Our next map should be place all heroes in a coliseum and there are 4 directions where enemies come out. Enemies being random each wave. Enemies seek out heroes. Just a fun little challenge I was thinking of. Like onslaught enemies get harder each wave. Leaderboard showing the team or player who has reached the highest wave. But unlike onslaught the enemies scale much quicker, like 1.5x more damage and health or speed or armor or some other enemy ability that can scale with each round. :) At the end of the week there are DMs rewarded to the top player, 2 man team, 3 man team, and 4 man team. Sorry it can be a woman team too. I don't wanna sound sexist.
  8. I think the crafting/rerolling system wouldn't be that hard to implement as they already have a basic system for pet stats. Just use that with a little more umph.
  9. [[150185,users]] it appears this has been happening to not only towers but traps as well. I had the same thing happen to my proton beams on Betsy. But they would do crazy damage and exhaust all there charges.
  10. Any news on what the updated roadmap includes? what are you guys focusing on next?
  11. I honestly could care less about buffs/nerfs to heroes, towers, and traps. I want new enemies or make enemies challenging. I like buried bastille due to the fact I can actually LOSE! Losing is actually a pleasant surprise. Means I get to learn how to be more effective my build or team management. Bring on the BADDIES! That's what I say.
  12. Soz I've also seen the same thing with proton beams. I was on betsy with beams set in the middle and 1 beam went nuts with excessive damage and ran out of charges exponentially. I don't know the issue but I've seen this a lot on my beams. I haven't tried the traps.
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