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  1. Ill just leave this right here http://www.indieroyale.com/ :countess:
  2. Maybe the Eternia Security Company is participating in the SOPA blackout day? ;) I would agree with that if it wasnt for the camera not working properly earlier this week.
  3. Uhh i noticed this last week, the cameras moving in the tavern, but the screen in the open room not changing, and now for somereason the tv is black and its fuzzy. This is something to do with the dont trust the tavern keeper isnt it trendy? http://steamcommunity.com/id/xristosx/screenshot/613847892766675480
  4. OMG YES, Me and my mate were just talking about this the other day how they should make more assault maps, that is so damn awesome! buying this one right away. when it comes. :apprentice:
  5. Mega Ultra Chicken? No, shhh! He is legend. Oh god that made me lol, ATHF ftw
  6. Just a quick thing here, I dont understand why they would also have hero damage nerfed in this challenge map with nightmare, just seems a bit weird to me since you cant use towers, so theres no point for the hero dmg nerf. This isnt whining, im just curious what people think.
  7. I'm also curious if anyone has really changed their play style to make use of the active builder buff. I'm getting a little bored looking at my huntress, so would like to see if using a hybrid mage or monk is also viable, or if I'm giving up to much in the exchange. By viable I'm mainly wondering about survival maps. Please excuse any poor grammar, coffee is wearing off. Yeah since the active builder buff i've been using my mage during the waves as well(it does also help he has a higher dps then my huntress and still has fantastic towers) I prefer the buff over reliable ranged dps
  8. Lol i was way off with the mage :D, i think their version is infinitely better. Damnit, you play / played the same games as me. From what I saw on your Deviant Art : Cave Story / LoL / HoN and now DD. I went from HoN to LoL too, I got pissed off when it became F2P. I got tired of LoL when I reached Level 22-24. Then I started playing Terraria / Minecraft. Then Dungeon Defenders. I played Terraria until End Content. Waiting for 1.1 Patch I guess on December. Also waiting for Release of Minecraft tomorrow :O. Also I think it's not the first time I saw your nick, maybe I saw you postin
  9. * PvE: Fixed a bug where the Dark Elf Warrior ignored buildings and attacked players. Oh god.. ahahahahahahha
  10. So... you painted that? yeah, i did, i mean its not good because i was being lazy, i normally can draw pretty decent ( http://xristosx.deviantart.com/ ) just for luls really Hehe GJ I should do the Squire pic :D Im no good at drawing but I can edit like a master. Lol go ahead, if they dont reveal that tommorow i might be bored enough to do that as well lol i applaud your effort, however i can tell you are seriously bored. Kudos though! haha yeah ^^;
  11. can anyone tell i was bored waiting for super loot to come back? lol, did this because i can :skeleton:
  12. Sure ill take one, ill add you when i get home
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