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  1. Soulzswap if you are playing give me send me message spring break is coming up in a week so I'll be on quite bit my gamertag or Xbox is Jaybird X
  2. When I first got this game I bought it as birthday present to myself off of Xbox live and have enjoyed every moment of this game. Many updates were coming to the steam version which I didn't mind I just wanted the eternia shards and new characters. Then my friend managed to get the Steam Dungeon Defenders and gifted me so I had both console and pc versions. Even after the announcement about what console won't be getting I still continue to play the Xbox version. I tried to start over on my pc but it wasn't as "fun" as many stated and all my work is on the Xbox so I continue to play it.
  3. Looking for legit play one glitterhelm currently online GT= Jaybird X
  4. So attack and attack rate what about range how much should be put into range.
  5. I need something to tide me over until the patch and new dlc comes out so I decided to make a tower apprentice so I can have one of each type of hero. What do you guys suggest my stats go into and what which weapon would be the best.
  6. We are done with the console vs PC discussion here. Console will get updated as soon as TE knows what is happening. PC will get update when they know what's happening. It is a fact console will and is taking longer. we are no to debate why or who is to blame here anymore. I could careless about pc vs console and I'm not blaming Trendy for anything. I would just like that they listen that some communication is better than none.
  7. IMHO (so you're welcome to ignore me), it's nothing to do with PC players being "Elitist" or snobby. Console players just need to manage their expectations better, as console games are never going to see the level of modding or "DLC" that PC games do. The fact, as covered earlier in the thread, is that the PC as a platform is less hassle to develop for, and that's reflected in the amount and quality of the downloadable content being made available. I think we sometimes forget that short of producing a working game and fixing bugs, TE don't actually owe us a damn thing - irrespective of p
  8. Brought this back to the forefront since the new digest has some console players upset. I just want it to be known I could about having this or that right now I and everybody else just want to kept in the loop. Also Trendy if you guys don't know yourselves at least tell instead of being vague.
  9. Yep. As soon as I saw "Standalone PC DLC", I knew we were doomed. Guess I have no reason to go back to DD even after the patch (as I've been terrified of losing all my stuff should my game freeze on a loading screen or whatever the hell happens to cause a corrupt save), as we'll be getting the bare minimum they can give us. I really don't understand why, consolers (Xbox users especially given how we pay for live) KNOW we have to spend money and therefore aren't as whiny *****es about it as part of the PC community is. And it is HEARTBREAKING because I LOVE THIS GAME. It has so much potentia
  10. i hate this response. Hate hate hate hate it. If a company gives you a defective product, why should the only option be "give the company more money"? And why is it okay for that to be the only response? I don't care if it's more difficult for them to release content on the consoles- they should have made it clear, from the beginning, that they were selling two different products. But they didn't- the two games were named the same thing, advertised in the same breath, and they even went so far as to say that there would be cross-platform play (something that is laughable as a possibility at th
  11. Best luck to you and your future endeavors.
  12. You think this thread would of been more helpful if I did what you did a post in the pc support section even though it probably would get moved. That probably would of made a better statement.
  13. true but its hard to farm when your system freezes at wave 17-20 like mine i cant bring myself to go that far in survival or pure strategy I lack the mental fortitude(gear) to go further after I get my pet I.m set.
  14. the patch comes after the dlc... i think they said they wanted it in between dlc 1 and 2 but thats gonna make people leave... At least this dlc will give me something more constructive than farming all day long.
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