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  1. So far I have been unable to progress in onslaught because the game keeps crashing for me while continuing onto the second map on floor 56. I have crashed other times on different floors but it has been happening consistently on this floor. Every time I have crashed I have received this message: Any help would be appreciated
  2. This honestly sounds too good to be true but hey, if you have them you won't see me refusing one ;) but yes I would love one.
  3. I guess if one core falls there's always a backup https://gyazo.com/22641f4cafe5aacbf7aeaf410e370169
  4. this is all I got from doing about 5 maps (bags were set to auto collect everything)
  5. Honest question but does DD2 have any sort of patch testing thing that is actively used before a new patch comes out? Not to throw shade here but it doesn't really feel like there is one.
  6. I'll just be blunt. the boss takes the crystal out way to easily and randomly. I definitely enjoy the difficulty that he provides with this rapid movement but I think the crystal core is just to fragile for the map currently. So far from what I have seen, if he touches it once, it get destroyed. While it makes somewhat sense that the boss would one shot the crystal, it just becomes aggravating and annoying due to his extremely elongated dash pattern. I have had the boss destroy the crystal many times due to him missing me and rushing right to the crystal destroying it ( I was fighting him near the waterfall in most of these occasions). I have also had this happen where the boss is approaching me from the opposite side of the map and happens to walk through the crystal destroying it before I had even gotten the chance to properly fight it. My suggestion is pretty much just increase the health of the crystal so it can actually take a hit.
  7. doesn't look like 5 to me :/
  8. Just kinda happened, couldn't reproduce easily but hey¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Have you guys thought of implementing an XP bank of sorts? Like if all our characters are lvl 50 and when we do a map, instead of the XP just going nowhere, it goes into a bank that we can use when we actually need the XP so endgame players can quickly level up new heroes.
  10. 1. Have you guys thought of a full support themed hero? Possibly someone who could extend the range of towers, shield them, extend the time of certain affects they apply (Oil, Freeze, Inflame, poison etc..), and of course boost dmg. His/her abilities would obv boost other heroes through maybe giving them more ability power, attack speed, armor and other stuff. I like the theory of a character like this because of the satisfaction I get from making other people stronger. It wouldn't really be able to do anything on its own but lots of other heroes have similar challengers like ev2 with no air defense and gun witch for obv reasons. 2. I just randomly thought of this but I feel like dungeon defenders 2 would make an AMAZING VR game. 3. where that endless spire remake tho???? ;) that map was awesome imo
  11. On your 2016 road map video you showed a bunch of hero concept art for heroes that we know we are getting and some we have never seen before so i was wondering should we expect all of the heroes that we saw here to come out sometime in the near future? or were they just something to give the video a little more hype? These two have peaked my interest quite a lot ^^
  12. Are you guys planning or have thought of making kinda quirky themed maps possibly referencing other games or real life areas (layout or thematic wise). I was thinking about this while I was watching a guys stream as he brought the possibility up and I started theorizing some cool layouts or themes for maps like possibly making a map where the layout is based on the roads of Pokemon maps. Another really crazy idea would be to make a spherical map similar to the tiny worlds in Mario galaxy where the curvature of the map would make some defense strategies hard to use Basically would there be a possibility of maps like these with similar uniqueness to come out? Probably once the game is fully released ;p
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