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  1. Will you be enjoying it by playing DD2, or.... something else?
  2. Javelins pierce. They always have. And yes, it can get really stupid sometimes and in some cases for me puts a glaring halt to some of my build set ups that I wanted to try for some maps. Fun. Most people didn't notice before that they pierce probably because the game was so easy that javelin throwers died before they could pierce anything anyways.
  3. Someone ELSE charging into the core with an assassin on him or her has absolutely nothing to do with how good you play. Read the thread next time before replying or don't reply at all because all your post does is muddy up the discussion with irrelevant junk because you couldn't be bothered to read the replies right above you.
  4. People: MP Scaling makes the game too hard for MP matches! Trendy: We'll remove damage scaling so it's easier, but add more HP scaling, so the difficulty is the same as before. ........ya know, I was expecting the loot update to at least give a temporary upsurge in players, but I thought it'd be a bit more substantial than changing the current player loss this month from -17% to -15%. Pre-trials, I used to run public games with 0 ipwr requirement and a bunch of players new to the game would join in and we'd have fun chatting and they'd check out how defenses are placed and they'd get lo
  5. Character does a victory animation while he was jumping over a pit. So smart :P
  6. Yea, like everyone else said, use the trees as fillers for spots where one barricade isn't enough. For those spots that only need one barricade and one tree is NOT enough, don't use Dryad towers for those spots. You can also place a MacBufferson sphere in the tree if you have it to further shield your barricades.
  7. Then the game is a failure. Catering the game to people who have stockpiles of gear they got from previous patches where the game played significantly different and are able to bypass entire sections of the game because of it is just asinine. No one is going to want to start playing a game that is designed around "Well you weren't there before so suck it." This is why wipes were valuable pre-alpha. We had to start all over again, and never took advantages we built beforehand to bypass significant hurdles. Right now new players are not having fun because the progression is completely absur
  8. Yea, Chaos gear scaling is multiplicative (each Chaos Tier is like, 50% stronger than the last one), whereas ascension cap scaling is at a flat rate. So if it's a flat 20 ascension per Chaos Tier, it's going to get pretty darn meaningless as time goes on. A part of me wonders if it's for the best that way, although the comment that this hits Trendy right in the wallet is a good one. Heroes are like, the primary source of revenue for a monetization model like this, I thought, so anything that discourages multiple heroes (such as an ascension cap that makes it unnecessarily to have as many h
  9. Unless that extra third stat comes with a much lower cap than the primary and secondary stats, legendaries will be ridiculously more powerful than anything else. The question afterwards being whether or not Trendy will balance monster stats based on that standard or not somewhere down the line.
  10. Air mobs really add nothing to this game. At least, if you're a melee hero. Maybe sometimes as a Gunwitch I'll have fun shooting them down but I can't play my Gunwitch right now because if I do it'll nerf my relic drops and geodes and assassins are all over the place hampering her long range effectiveness. Huntress and Apprentice are the same issue (possibly somehow even worse) so now I'm playing primarily melee heroes and fliers basically boil down to "add a skyguard to this lane. If not good enough, add two." Wow. Amazing. No wonder why Orcs Must Die Unchained got rid of the stupid t
  11. I'd want Spider Princess simply because it'd be nice to have something that isn't bipedal for once. When I first heard about Mystic without knowing anything about the MOBA, I thought we were getting a lamia. Talk about dissapointment.
  12. Also, I'm pretty sure the monk pole arm one-shot thing is a bug, so you're basically admitting to being an exploiter AND that people should exploit and abuse bugs to make up for this overpowered (compared to any other boss that can spawn in its place) enemy.
  13. Regardless, Lavamancer is probably the only character in the game who's SOURCE OF MANA gets disabled by EMP orcs. Sure, you can place them away from the enemy lanes, but considering that they're your SOURCE OF MANA that you need to like, you know, USE SKILLS AGAINST ENEMIES, placing them AWAY from where enemies are is kinda screwing yourself.
  14. An easy way to alleviate it would be to increase the core HP so that the player at least has some time to react to it and fix the situation. But nope, Trendy wants a decreased margin of error for high chaos tiers.
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