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  1. just like the title says. I tried drenching enemies with a water ramster and using the apprentice frost tower but they werent getting frozen. if they cant freeze enemies is there any other way i can get the freeze combo from towers?
  2. I just got back into DD2 after having not played for a while and I am really liking most of the changes. However I am having a lot of trouble with with Drakenlords. I know you have to set them on fire to break their shields but is their no other efficient way to kill them other than having a huntress in your hero deck. I don't want to take a huntress with me everytime. I saw some people say things about other heroes like the Series EV but I prefer to use the barbarian and dont like having to switch to someone else just to have to break its shield.
  3. Just like the title says, i'm wondering if anyone knows about how much health wyverns and all flying enemies (particularly wyverns and lightning bug tho) have in the different chaos levels . I'm not expecting exact numbers but a range would be nice. I have tried to count and calculate myself but i get distracted easily...
  4. Since the patch that fixed the lightning gloves (don't know what number it was) i havent been able to play. To be more precise it started about a minute before the in-game message informing players the patch was out. From the title screen, pressing private game or public game causes it to say show the searching for sessions loading pop-up and after about 2 or 3 minutes a request has timed out message appears. I have tried restarting my computer, uninstalling and re-installing dd2, and logging on a different computer. I'd like to point out that its not my internet because my brother isnt having any trouble and it isnt my computer because he logged in on my computer and is playing right at this moment. I have run out of ideas here, anyone got any advice? Am i the only one this is happening to?
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