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  1. Im having a crisis, i didn't receive my medals for completing my weekly. I have a recording of yesterday on my twitch that has prove.But its about 20-30 mins long. My friends also did not receive their medals when they completed it today. I didn't summit a ticket because i wanted to see how many other players it effected.
  2. Well i dont mind playing private but they need to increase the drop rate. If there's a chance that im going to get kicked out of my own hosted games then i might aswell dont host public. ill ply when they fix drop rates or vote system.
  3. Remove "vote kick" & let the host choose who stays or gets removed from the lobby. Im having groups of player randomly joining my games & kicking me out off my own games. If i set up a public game, i do it for everyone to benefit. I've had to do private games an the loot is bad.
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