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  1. I wanted a waller squire, now I can't do that because hearty blockade is only on totems, I wanted to turn him into a harpoon squire, now I can't do that either. So I turned him into a warlock kind of build with high health and ability power, put a drakin shield and unholy fire sword on him and tank everything.
  2. So I just want to say something about how teamwork actually works. If you jump into a random party don't stand there and do nothing. If you are not going to build at least collect your mana and deliver it to someone who will. Secondly please stop locking in that ready button when there is people building. One person will not start the countdown but 2 will and that is annoying to the people actually trying to put in the work to drop the defenses. Today I started 2 public lobby's to do nm4 sewers to farm for storm and both times they locked in ready before we dropped the defenses and ran out of
  3. If my squire doesn't have speedy, splody, and black arrow my harpoons aren't worth it.
  4. I don't know about that but it keeps dcing us from the game when we co-op and then join with our friends online. It happens literally all the time, and everytime I send a bug report and it has never gotten better, for almost 2 months.
  5. I was doing nm4 on the sewers to farm for storm and I got items and chest like it was on easy mode. -.-
  6. I was playing sewers nm4 today to get storm and it was loot like it was on easy. -.-
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