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  1. someone else already posted the bug today I think.
  2. Can anyone confirm this for me? When I use dark torment and convert an enemy to the defense Dark Torment spawns, the defense just sits there and does nothing, or so it seems.
  3. Also, the description is either misleading or bugged, if i hit an enemy 10 times the ravenhost doesnt spawn at all (at a fast firing rate)
  4. Title says it all. when the ravenhost projectile fires, it seems to awkwardly hug its enemy but it deals no damage. I might be wrong.
  5. Well, I have nothing against the nerf of the storm glove. It was completely OP. However, it now does 25% of hero damage, once per second? not on hit? Wasn't that the whole idea of storm gloves or did i miss something? I feel like it should do a little more than 25% hero damage if it is going to be once per second.. Although maybe if you have the max jumps, that 8 x 25% Hero damage is just good.. What do you think?
  6. Okay lets get to the point, you can up the damage with the large sphere and the poison bow, but the DP just stops scaling entirely at 1667 DP. Also leveling the towers above a certain level stops the scaling per lvl
  7. ´╗┐´╗┐check this out http://imgur.com/sEKLPau
  8. Little secret, My poison tower says it does 22k, but it actually does 114k DoT atm ;)
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