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  1. I was at the devstream on the 19th and I was one of the people that won the code, I recieved the notification that was saying this: Congrats on winning the EV2 Mark 3 costume! You'll receive your EV2 Mark 3 costume next week after she comes out! If you're playing on PS4, please tell us your PSN ID so we can add the EV2 Mark 3 costume to your account next week. If you're playing on PC, we'll give you a code next week. Congrats again on winning, and we'll be in touch! Sincerely, The Trendy Team I haven't received the code on the update and I was questioning myself and I decided to wait
  2. I'm currently on endgame and it is really difficult! I wonder why people are saying that it isn't a challenge... If the thing is that youre one of the new characters then I can understand they are REALLY powerful but if you want challange them create new ways for it to be challenging, We can buy hero slots to use more characters... Then Recreate a character and try going to a nightmare 4 with nightmare 3 gears, Innovation is what this game needs and its not only Trendy that can do it, we can aswell WE need to create the replay value WE need to make new ways to find the game challenging, WE are
  3. Jeez why people gotta be this way... No wonder why the world is so brutal... Nobody respects others offers,opnions and lifes (Sometimes thats the case :V).
  4. I'd like to know that since the monk thing is going to be released on the 19th and I will be away from home Just say a Yes or a No Thanks
  5. The type of Game booster that im talking about gets the dll files and cuts in half so it has better perfomance
  6. I really like the lobby design and I really like the training part and the catapults but I think there should be more interactive things in there like minigames to pass time or to get acessories (Just like the Carnaval thing that happened but now it would always be there and when the event happen again there would be more exclusive things that would only be able to get at that event and even more minigames). I think that the lobby is fine but I think there should be a variaty of interesting things to do there, The lobby should be an exclusive area that you could be with other defenders and hav
  7. A lot of people have a pretty shi- terrible computer and would love to play this game at a better fps and sometimes these things can really help out but of course there are some consequences for this... They can ban you, Im insecure if this is able in Dungeon Defenders 2 (Probably not since most of the multiplayer games this isnt able so... [pointless]) But I would like to know. And no I'm not going to test it.
  8. I prefer earning stuff by chests since.... things are expensive but still its alright tho... IF YOU WANT TO GIVE US THAT TRENDY THEN ITS TOTALY FINE :3
  9. I feel so happy to see people that enjoy this game, it makes me cry (Actually I think i am since i'm writing this at 2 am and my eyes need sleep) to see people hating on the pay to win stuff and how expensive the things are... (Well I can Agree with the people that say this since the most expensive dlc from the game is the price of a paid game so... there is that). Forgetting that I agree with you and i'm really proud of Trendy for making this amazing game that is not only harcore gamers or gamers from Dungeon Defenders 1. Keep up with the Great Work Trendy
  10. ´╗┐Nice armor you got there... It would be a shame if it disappeared out of nowhere
  11. What I think that would be interesting to see also is a Incursion mode called Reversion where there is a magical goblin that made magical invisible routes on the sky that only the old ones army can walk on to attack the... Thing that you need to protect, and the wyverns and the kamikazes goes by the normal routes.
  12. They want us to buy new heroes and rapidly try to make money, that doesn't seem like alpha to me. I mean most game developers choose to fix buggs in alpha, not releasing new content, create and skip tons of buggs cus of it. Trendy also release Over Powered new heroes and items which totally brake the game, which leaves mostly only people with special interest in their player base. I believe Trendy Entertainment could have done alot of decissions differently to satisfy the player base as a whole. I understand your point but this is a free to play game, they need to make money out of it some
  13. i hate it when i get sent back to tavern when i click replay and someone else picks tavern .......and i made the room Yeah that definally sucks... Especially when you are doing daily missions and then you have to do all the process of creating a match or entering in one...
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