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    [WTB] Stuffs

    Payment will be made in Coals/Cubes/Mana/Runs. Subject to my discretion and your agreement Things that I want to buy and hopefully can afford (they must be IC-ed of course): Ultimate^ Fusion Rift with positive side stats. (at least 350 ups)Capping DPS Supreme Mask, Brooch and Bracers of ANNATARCoalsUltimate^ DPS Set (preferably leather or mail) but all is fine.Supreme Tower setsUlt++ DPS stat stickCapping DPS embermount accs setTavern Defense Runsso far just these. will add on to edit when i have something in mind. likewise, will cross out stuff that are already bought
  2. frqxn

    Item Check Thread

    ic please!! http://imgur.com/a/QAVQS thank you
  3. frqxn

    Item Check Thread

    http://imgur.com/a/zOkH7 ic this too!
  4. frqxn

    Item Check Thread

    All very hacked thanks! guess ill have to take my time to get another one :p
  5. frqxn

    Item Check Thread

    ic plz! http://imgur.com/a/XKipu Thank you! :D
  6. 1 CV = 100B Mana! Lab Runs 15:1 (Unlimited) CD Runs 1:1 (May need 4) Great Turkey 1:1 (Just need one run)
  7. Add me on steam if interested!!
  8. frqxn

    [WTB] Achievements

    Hello fellow Defenders! I currently have 74/106 achievements accomplished. Looking to max it out~ but of course i would need help from experienced parties. Just name your price, and I'll consider! Thank you~
  9. frqxn

    Item Check Thread

    Can I have these items item checked so I can sell them off? Been lying around my storage and i just came across it http://imgur.com/a/8Vukq Thank you very much!
  10. Payment will be made in Cube Value, (running short of cubes so will be using coals) 6 Coals per 15 run. Looking to buy 5 sets of runs = 30 coals.
  11. If the Earth is flat, how can Donald Trump beat Legolas? I'm in!
  12. What happens if you lose all trace of an event item? 1. Would it be illegal to own it? 2. It is worth anything? 3. Is it possible to retrack the trace with no information?
  13. Hello fellow Defenders! This is just a junk shop containing 30 loots from various maps. Do take a look and if you're interested, post on the price and item number! Simple :D http://imgur.com/a/qsPNy Payment can be made in: ManaCoalsCubesEvents (to be priced)RunsI'll just be clearing out on my item box.. Thank you, and have a nice day! Yours sincerely, frqxn.
  14. must you complete CD on every character to unlock each one?
  15. I bid 3 cv and 1 coal
  16. Is this still up? Can I pay in coals?
  17. Please leave a picture and a price!!
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