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  1. click here to see

    Accepting: Coal 6:1 Cubes

    Diamonds 5/10/15


    Auction ends in 48 hours, cause I'm too lazy to keep up.

    16: Ultimate Ember Crescent, 1 coal (johan_kid)

    12: Ultimate+ Ember Crescent, 4 coals (ASAPFerocity)

    13: Supreme Guise of Embers, 2 coals (Woodski)

    14: Godly Ember Quill, 2 coals (Woodski)

  2. Freshly Farmed on 10 August 2016

    Click here to see the Gladius.

    Accepting: Coals, Cubes and Diamonds.

    Diamonds 5/10/15

    I reserve the right not to sell if I am not happy with the offer

    Auction ends 12th August 23:59 any last minute bids will extend the auction by 24 hours

    Happy bidding!

    Gladius goes to > ziglas

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