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  1. 43 hours left. C/O updated. boop
  2. click here to see ´╗┐´╗┐Accepting: Coal 6:1 Cubes Diamonds 5/10/15 *NO RESERVES* Auction ends in 48 hours, cause I'm too lazy to keep up. C/O~ 16: Ultimate Ember Crescent, 1 coal (johan_kid) 12: Ultimate+ Ember Crescent, 4 coals (ASAPFerocity) 13: Supreme Guise of Embers, 2 coals (Woodski) 14: Godly Ember Quill, 2 coals (Woodski)
  3. frqxn

    Item Check Thread

    IC please thank you!
  4. frqxn

    Just beat it!

    thats all i have for now :p
  5. frqxn

    [WTB] TD Runs

    Hello Fellow Defenders! I'm buying TD Runs, maximum number of characters in one sitting. (all at once) The rate would be: 1. 10:3 2. 30:10
  6. frqxn

    Just beat it!

    [[6489,users]] Pancakezz Does a tower rug count? :P
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