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  1. Are you playing on open/local? If so, your save file is stored on your own computer, so it can't be restored by someone else.
  2. Screen shot with and without the set bonus?
  3. There are no plans for any more game updates to DD1. We can do events without updating the game though, and it's possible we may still run more events in the future. I can't confirm anything until it's ready to be announced, however.
  4. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    If you want me to IC it, you'll have to send me an uncensored picture of the item privately
  5. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    Looks possible
  6. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    Looks possible Looks possible
  7. Try this? https://steamcommunity.com/app/65800/discussions/0/2803982773099104524/
  8. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    We can't IC censored items. Please send me or Thales the uncensored version. Make sure we can see the mana value as well
  9. Move over Mega Chicken, it's time for Mega Chest!
  10. Just keep in mind the game is still being developed, so it's actually pretty normal that there are issues and a lot of the polish isn't there yet.
  11. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    I can't IC anything unless you send me the uncensored image privately.
  12. No, it happened a while ago. Mischief knows better than me what changed, but I remember for example the kraken's ink blob on CR3 was particularly unfair and got significantly nerfed, as one example. The maps are still quite hard, though.
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