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  1. We've had this for a long time for other maps already FYI, so it doesn't really require much of any work to add it to other maps. Last time it was brought people there were people against it, so it didn't end up happening. So far no one seems to be against it this time, though.
  2. This change would make maps other than Moonbase closer to viable for armor farming, which seems like a good thing. Moonbase would still be pretty far ahead, so it probably wouldn't shift the meta, but it would be nice for people who choose to farm other maps anyway.
  3. Volcanic is definitely my favorite challenge from the original.
  4. DD1 won't use extra memory, so that's not a solution. Verifying cache and reinstalling won't fix it either. It needs to be fixed on the dev side.
  5. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    Looks possible
  6. At level 100 you have 985 points to put into hero stats. Most of the time, players put all 985 into a single stat (typically hero or tower damage, but occasionally ab2 or tower hp).
  7. Plane

    Contest [ENDED]

    Congratulations!! You win The Cavalry!!
  8. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    Looks possible
  9. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    Send an uncensored image privately if you want an IC
  10. Your data should be restored now. Make sure you don't play on Mac/Linux again or unfortunately it'll disappear again.
  11. Don't play DD right now. If you do, it might make it so they can't restore your save data. Just wait to hear back from CG. Can you post a link to your Steam profile?
  12. Plane

    Contest [ENDED]

    RULES: Post a screen shot of a seahorse. Cutest seahorse wins. Good luck!
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