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  1. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    Looks possible
  2. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    I can't IC anything unless you send me the uncensored image privately.
  3. No, it happened a while ago. Mischief knows better than me what changed, but I remember for example the kraken's ink blob on CR3 was particularly unfair and got significantly nerfed, as one example. The maps are still quite hard, though.
  4. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    Is it transcendent? What's the mana value?
  5. Squire circle slice often hits twice instead of once. This is a bug. It happens because you can cancel a regular attack animation into circle slice. The regular animation timer keeps going during the circle slice, and at the time the animation would have ended, the sword is reset and becomes able to damage enemies a second time. We could fix this, but squire doesn't need a nerf. So instead of making it only hit once, we talked about making it so it ALWAYS hits twice. The animation already looks like it hits twice, and it hits twice pretty often as it is (especially with slow swords, or in early game when all swords are slow), so it would actually be a pretty small change. The biggest difference is that you'd be able to hit twice with fast swords like Obsidian Gladius, which is possible but very difficult right now. This would be a buff, strictly speaking, but it wouldn't make a big difference overall. It would make fast swords more viable on squire, though, which in my opinion would be nice. Any thoughts? We probably don't have a lot of time for feedback on the forums, but I wanted to see what the community thought about this idea.
  6. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    Looks possible
  7. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    Both look possible
  8. Emulator updated for 8.6. Remember, you have to reinstall the emu after the game updates, or some controls may not work properly.
  9. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    Looks possible
  10. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    I can't check it unless you send me an uncensored image privately. It's a shame it's 460/461 though. If it were 459/460 you would be able to finish upgrading Additional Projectiles . . .
  11. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    Both look possible
  12. We've had this for a long time for other maps already FYI, so it doesn't really require much of any work to add it to other maps. Last time it was brought people there were people against it, so it didn't end up happening. So far no one seems to be against it this time, though.
  13. This change would make maps other than Moonbase closer to viable for armor farming, which seems like a good thing. Moonbase would still be pretty far ahead, so it probably wouldn't shift the meta, but it would be nice for people who choose to farm other maps anyway.
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