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  1. Play on Medium with HC off, then practice just going on and off the ship over and over until you can do it without dying. It should take less than 10 minutes to master. Tips: Use the fan far away from the core. Walk off where the fan is, don't actually jump off. Keep pressing jump while you're in the air. You get a second jump after a few seconds. Keep attacking while you're in the air so you can't get stuck on enemies. The best spots to get on the ship are NE and SW. Once you learn it it's pretty fun, and it doesn't take long to learn. It's just super
  2. Redux has special buffed versions of quite a few pets. If you have one of those, it won't count toward the achievement. Try getting a Rainbow Unicorn from NM or lower.
  3. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    Hacked, unfortunately
  4. Yeah, I think since DD1 is not officially supported anymore you'd have to send it in with the wrong game, but just type your message and they can read it. But like I said, I don't think an unban is very likely to happen.
  5. You can always send in a ticket on the Chromatic Zendesk, but I don't think an unban is very likely to happen.
  6. It doesn't look like you lost any data. Your ranked heroes are up to level 78. Is it possible you accidentally played on open/local yesterday and saw a level 25 char there?
  7. It doesn't look like you lost any data. Your save file is still about the same as it was back in 2016. If you lost data before that, it's too old and can't be recovered.
  8. Your save data has been restored, BUT if you play on a mac again it'll erase it again. The problem is that the mac version is older and can't read the new save file format.
  9. Is it possible you were playing on open or local mode when you made your progress? Anyway, there is no data on the server to be restored, unfortunately.
  10. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    333^ ++ honey staff looks possible
  11. Thanks to everyone who entered! (: I'll be hosting shops when I can to hand out prizes. You can also add me on Steam if you can't find my shop: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992843168
  12. This contest has now ENDED! Trace sheet with PRIZES: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13gpfVOzGS6hIsdrtz3F7D2Ey7dfNshQpmd_2z46wa2Q See the winning entries: https://www.quarplet.com/fashioncontest/
  13. Thanks for entering, everyone! Submissions are now closed. Judging begins soon! I'll let everyone know when we've got winners and what the prizes are (:
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