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  1. Plane

    Contest [ENDED]

    Congratulations!! You win The Cavalry!!
  2. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    Looks possible
  3. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    Send an uncensored image privately if you want an IC
  4. Your data should be restored now. Make sure you don't play on Mac/Linux again or unfortunately it'll disappear again.
  5. Don't play DD right now. If you do, it might make it so they can't restore your save data. Just wait to hear back from CG. Can you post a link to your Steam profile?
  6. Plane

    Contest [ENDED]

    RULES: Post a screen shot of a seahorse. Cutest seahorse wins. Good luck!
  7. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    It looks fine from what I can see, but we can't check items thoroughly unless we can see all the stats. If you want to censor it you can send an uncensored version to an item checker privately. There's no need to censor ult+ though, only ult++.
  8. Check your decal settings in UDKEngine.ini
  9. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    Looks possible
  10. Plane

    Item Check Thread

    If you want me to check it, please send me the uncensored version privately.
  11. That's the real Cpt. PONY but I can confirm it passes IC. Fun IC facts: Cpt. PONY rolled 465 originally, rolled over to 211, and then got only 13 bonus levels on the ult90 level roll (unlucky) bringing it to 224 upgrades total.
  12. If you're getting a BSoD, that means you either have a hardware problem or a driver problem. DD isn't causing that. Running it might push your hardware so you hit the problem, but it's not the cause of the problem, so you can't fix it by changing something in DD.
  13. That happens on pretty much any map where you kill the boss in less than a second. Most players will notice it when they play through the original campaign with endgame gear, but you can kill some later bosses like the Akatiti boss in half a second as well and get the same effect. It's always been like that. It doesn't really hurt anything either, and fixing it would require changing the Kismet on every single map, so I don't think anyone's really planning on fixing it at the moment, but it's definitely a bug.
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