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  1. I don't know if it is the same problem, but my game is lagging hard since the update (I play on PS4). The game since to lag like every 3-5 seconds, very visible when I move my character. It occurs everywhere in the game, in the tavern (private or not) and on the maps. Since I play mostly a defense character, I can play, but I did die a couple of time due to lag making me fall and die.
  2. Okay, so I launched the game several hours later and everything is working. Yesterday, I tried to launch the game, did shutdown the console several times and my console is not allowed to download or install games while being off. But this time, I saw a second installation, in the notification page, I think this is the one you was talking about. So I have no ideas of what happened. Maybe the download was completed but I somehow didn't let the time to the console to install the second half. So thank you for your response! (I will change the title to make the post more clear on what happened)
  3. Hi, I was experiencing heavy lag ingame since the update, like every five seconds. So I tried to delete the game from my PS4 and downloaded it again. I'm no sure if it reduced lag... But, I got the war table bug where I can only select the map "The Gates of Dragonfall". I've verified if just loosed all my map progression, but finishing the first map does not unlock the other ones. I saw multiple posts on the forum on this bug and tried some "techniques": waiting in the tavern, then lose on the first map, go on private tavern, freeing my inventory and the scavenger to help the game loading my
  4. Thanks for your answers! So finally, it looks more or less logic. I've verified, the last four maps are not available in "Normal" wherever I try. The only thing strange remaining is the iPWR recommendation listed in the "Any" section, but this could be considered as a graphical bug, somehow.
  5. Yes. Don't worry too much about easy difficulty being deleted. Since the last patch the four base heroes are a lot stronger so you shouldn't have too much problems if you are used to play on easy. Some time later the strategic revamp comes so the current situation about difficulties will change anyway. Okay ! Just one last weird thing (at least I find this weird): Is that normal if the maps "The Dead Road", "Temple of the Necrotic", "Unholy Catacombs" and "Buried Bastille" are available in "Hard" but not in "Normal"? If yes, thank you for helping a poor guy that see odd things everywhere
  6. Hm. What I'm saying is that there is map that I can't access in what was easy mode (so map with very low iPWR requirements). Here are two screen shots that will make it understandable I hope: Here is what I see when I select "Defense" and "Any" ("Easy" don't appear in the menu). The iPWR Range correspond to the Easy mode, but the button "Create Game" cannot be reach, so I can't play on it. Here is what I see when I select "Defense" and "Normal". This time, the "Create Game" is reachable and I can play on it. But maybe I am the only one that have this problem? By the way, I have no prob
  7. Hi all, I started playing the game since a few days. Since the witch update and the menu change, I have the impression that what was Easy Mode (as well as Campaign) are not available. I explain what I see, tell me if I'm wrong. It seems that Easy was the first choice available in the menu and their mention have disappear to be replaced by "Any'. But if you select that "Any", and see what level are available, one can see low level iPWR requirement. But on that "Any", the "join game" button cannot be reached as if the game thought that something has not be selected. Am I correct? If so, i
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