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  1. Passed Item check Extending auction by 24 hours from this post due to I.C
  2. Accepted Currency: Gaia's: 45cv Diamonds: 5cv/10cv/15cv Pm on Discord brekkie#4763 for any other events Auction will end in 7 days or if 48 hours have past since last bid. *Auction will be extended by 48 hours if bid is placed in the last 24 hours of auction* I will not sell if unsatisfied with offer : )
  3. I will love to enter :)
  4. OMG GUYS, this is the biggest moment of my life. Before I do it, I would like to thank my mum and dad for raising me this far and supporting me throughout it. I would like to also wish my brother a happy 18th birthday today, and last but not least, you guys can thank me later for being a part of your life. HERE IT IS EDIT after finding out Konan posted 2 seconds before me, I am on the brink of crying. Please, if you have any spare dolla billz send them to the BrekkieIsSlow foundation to help people like Brekkie in need of faster typing. I guess I shall move on to 51 :<
  5. You're banned for quoting a quote that was quoted! You're banned for quoting a quote that was quoted before you quoted it.
  6. I got up to wave 18/19 solo, was doing really well, and then bam! Huge golden wyvern with 100m hp. . .
  7. UPDATE: Before I tried equipping the second sparus, it was a mythical with 54/55 upgrades, now, I have absolutely no clue how it is an ultimate with 314/315 upgrades. It still has the exact same stats, just different condition.
  8. Hey guys. So, yesterday I was in a game with a couple of friends and I was lagging around all over the place and randomly disconnecting. I went to the Tavern Keeper and tried to equip an old myth sparus of mine to see how my stats would change. When I tried to equip it, the sparus disappeared and was no longer in my item box anywhere, but I couldn't care less as it was myth. Today, I switched to my monk and the myth sparus was on me, but, I was now wearing two sparus's: Now, I can not switch between them by pressing x but I do believe I am getting the stat bonus from both of them. Not sure i
  9. Ending the auction slightly early as there is little interest in the item and most likely no more bids.
  10. Last day, get your bids in if you have any.
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