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  1. :p 1-2K :p More like 400-800k is most cases I see so far. I guess right now before the nerf people are killing M4 bosses with one shot. How is that fair game play ? all because of the pet. If done right the pet makes and breaks stuff. Some days I don't have the time to sit and set towers up and pray *** don't go wrong, mobs don't walk pass your wall, towers bug out and don't kill them and so on. Some days I just Want to log on blow stuff up and move on. As others in full group don't even put up Def. really and clear it supper fast with out a chance of failing. Every DPS spec, anything I find on line number one pet Dragolich if you don't have it well your out of luck.
  2. ya but how is that Fair to everyone starting now, or when it came out they didn't have time to play and so on. That is my point its unfair to have something that powerful and you cant get it. That's like giving EV or The witch to few people and thinking that is fair. while the rest cant enjoy it.
  3. Dragolich amazing pet that people got on a monthly thing. This pet is insane making and breaking the game for people. I don't have one and all my friends that started playing few months ago. It is sad that me and my friends can't enjoy the game as others cause of it. I don't think that its fair to every one that does not have it. . Seeing how powerful this pet is, make it so you have to do something and get it as a reward. Or better yet for you guys sell it for a reasonable price. I tell you right now it be your number one seller. So what am I asking is, figure it out and bring it back in ASAP for others to get it so they can enjoy the game on the same playing field. yes I know billions posts about it, but till you make it fair for all, or give us another pet doing the same, it is full out unfair for all playing this game.
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