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  1. Tout à fait d'accord, je l'ai déjà proposé il y a environ un mois. Uniquement pour les dorés des tessons qui placent beaucoup de place dans les inventaires ...
  2. J'avoue que mettre un butin sur la carte serait beaucoup mieux. Il y en a un dans le butin 5 pour 2 vagues, autant pour mettre 15-20 pour toute la carte, car au moins nous pouvons cultiver des tessons tout à fait là.
  3. Selling mods 10/10 1M each. 9/10 500K each. 8/10 250K each. 7/10 100K each. Add me on steam and pm me.
  4. Hello. Then here we are, when we end a map, we sort out all our inventories in the hand to see if we have loot of vouchers mods. It would be good to code a system which would allow to sort out the mods of the most rotten in the best. Kind(Genre) of 1/10 in 10/10. Like that at every end of map, instead of sorting out our inventories during 10 years, bim, in 2-3 seconds it will be made.
  5. Hi guys, just pm me on forum or respond to this thread. :)
  6. Un hôtel de vente serait plus pratique.Ou peut alors se le mettre en magasin en se déconnectant car là tu es obligé de quitter le jeu ouvert, ce n'est pas le top du tout.
  7. To add a system of guilds, it is a game of farm. It will motivate people to connect and to play as porks lol.Kind the guild which farme most over a week takes away rewards.
  8. Ajoutez approximativement un hôtel de vente qui serait plus pratique que le système de magasin actuel.
  9. 1) As for myself I think rather in real of one automobile sorting in the inventory which, kind(genre) a thing(trick) which sorts out to you mods at least good in the most good instead of it belongs to us to make him(it) for the hand because for the moment the automobile sorting is of no use. 3) I admit that a hotel of sale would be more practical than the old system of shop which we have at present.
  10. As for myself I think that it is a very good idea, when we of the broken traps and what we know that we can stay afk bah there instead of wasting time to sort out our inventories except(off) phases of lanes, that shall allow us to make something during lanes instead of staying afk in mode(fashion) boredom there.
  11. Its not too big to get vocal tchat for langage but nvm np.
  12. Yes but there is no fr channel or something to contact fr easily on your discord. :/
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