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  1. I saw guy with 220 power pet photo proof
  2. Kill 75 skeleton special enemies, get 75 legendary items, win 25 incursions game, Bearkira Doing 35 sub objective maps, 50 ogres and 25 incursions, Scourge Dragon Win 35 maps, kill 50 specials and 30 rounds of onslaught, Dragolich Slow 100,000 Enemies, knockup or Stun 10,000 Enemies, Provoke 1,000 Enemies Green Dragolich
  3. [[24592,users]] I get it doing onslaught
  4. For me dragolich shoulden't be allowed cuz it breing so much dps
  5. Why the achievement on steam are still bugg ? Or i still missing few enemy ? Photo
  6. i got mix monk and apprentice Apprenticomonk
  7. I'm looking for advice for dps apprentice with ghastly halberd i should go ap/crt, hd/cirt or hd/ap?
  8. Were you the builder? Or did you just dps? Curious, thanks Already i have like 13 hero
  9. i get it on Bastille Master incursion
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