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  1. Really nice update and i love the new Character. BUT: Unholy Catacombs in Challange Mode got a new urgent Bug! You are not able to cleanse some Spectral knights. For me it's nearly every Red one. Actually the message of cleanse appears over and over again, but the Spectral Knight will reside and kill the ethernia crystal. Please fix as soon as possible. and thanks a lot for attention on this topic. System: PS4
  2. I have the same issue. Very urgent and please fix this as soon as possible!! Unholy Catacombs in Challange mode can't be won at the moment! For me nearly every red knight (except if he is the really first one) can't be cleansed. I tried cleansing a single one of them several times, and the message "Spectral Knight cleansed!" pops up again and again, but he doesn't disappears and kills the core in the end. System: PS4, but it also seems to happen on PC regarding other Threads. And it happens just after the "power up update"
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