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  1. Hola folks Thank you Trendy for releasing an update that has finally made me want to try other games. Adding a further grind on top of the same levels has finally topped it out for me and I'm off to look at other stuff. DD2 is a great game, but not so great that you guys can just rinse/repeat the same levels over and over again. Adding an additional level of xp scoring on top of the same content doesn't make it more interesting, and capping the gear and skills folks have worked so hard for makes it kinda pointless to even bother. So after being an avid fan of DD since the old Blasticus days I'm finally off to pastures new. Cries of "Freedom!" in a Mel Gibson Braveheart manner spring to mind. But thanks for the ride, it was fun! x PS. One of these days you might want to look at how it's impossible to sign into your forums on an android phone. No amount of pressing on the username and password fields allows you to type into them.
  2. Return to Tavern No Longer Forces Everyone Back to TavernWoohoo!!!
  3. Back in the ancient times of DD1 you'd see someone with a bigger Blasticus than yours and go "oooh". Back in bygone days of yore a couple of months ago in DD2 you'd look at the list of people in the public hub and gasp in awe at the guys and gals with the highest IPWR. Nowadays there's no easy way to differentiate between the most awesome players who have quite literally spent every moment since the dawn of time grinding and then finely tuning their gear, and the players who just got off the bus to Etheria who aren't quite that awesome yet. Yeah I know you can still click someone in the list and nosey through their equipped kit but it's not quite the same and doesn't have that instant "ooh" factor. Personally I've always quite liked the fact that there was a visible way for people to spot the players who'd learned the game and put the time in. It gave them a bit more status and respect from others, and gave the rest of us something to aspire to and by doing that, gave us a reason to keep coming back to a game that's ultimately a grind fest. It made things passively competitive. If I spend the rest of the year grinding gear what will I have to show for it other than a divorce? I'll have the inner satisfaction of knowing that I can solo Chaos V levels but visibly I'll still just look exactly like that relatively new guy in lowbie gear who got lucky with a wailing glaive drop. Not sure how others feel about it. What do the high end guys think, do you want your awesomeness to be visible or are you secretive and shy? Could we maybe give people an aura glow that gets brighter depending on their ascension level and changes colour depending on the Chaos level they've beaten? Or open up some costumes/armours that can be unlocked rather than bought? Or like, HUGE and I mean HUGE Joan Collins stylee 1980s shoulder pads? Or if adding extra graphic aspects to the player would be an unwanted overhead, how's about something else like maybe having medals displayed by someone's name in the player list? "The Star of Ouch!" awarded for 1 billion kills with hornets or something. Dunno, just a bunch of thought. :)
  4. I'm a PS4 player... quite often the map takes 30 seconds to load and be ready... by which time others are alre
  5. Couldnt we just have a tooltip display the current stat and the max stat when fully upgraded? I.e. Ability power 150/276 vs 175/240 would make the first item better for ability power?
  6. Would it be possible for a player to create a level and keep it locked as private and choose to switch it to public (for example after they'd built towers) to allow others to join?
  7. Anyone else have problems signing in on these forums on a mobile device? Clicking into the user name and password text boxes doesn't seem to actually put the focus into the text entry field. Or is it just me? Works fine on my laptop.
  8. Yeah it's pretty much killed the solo game at the moment for me too. Which is painful given that in the UK the servers get pretty quiet in the evenings and we can no longer select the US server on PS4. So not much point playing because there's no chance of gear progression solo once you're into just needing 750 stuff if this mob needs multiplayer DPS. I loved the original DD and I've been playing DD2 as long as it's been available, and spent that time researching and getting my favourite build strategies just right so that I can solo most levels on NM4, and getting my gear decent enough on my favourite characters to support those builds, but right now the thought of doing all that again has made the game not so much fun. Will persevere and try a few variations on builds, but tonight is the first time in ages where having started to play DD2 I got bored of being frustrated and turned it off.
  9. The interface is painful to use. Not because it's not nicely laid out but because moving around between selections is a nightmare with the PS4 controller. If you want to see all NM4 incursions that's easy enough, but once you have a list, moving across into the list and selecting the game you want isn't easy at all. The highlighted option seems to bounce around to different bits of the interface and you end up pressing left, right, up, down to try to somehow get it to select focus back into the list of games. Moving over to the left then selects a different map and you need to go back to the top, select any map with X to refresh the list and rinse repeat. You can get into a map with perseverence but it's not intuitive.
  10. Unable to select region now, the option is empty/unselectable. Bit of a pain given the EU server gets quite in the evenings so have made friends with players in the states who I can not play with any more. Combined with the steamroller patch making solo play very difficult on incursion I think I'll be shelving this game until it's fixed.
  11. Even when you create a game and set it as private people can still join it.
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