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  1. If the hydro canister deals water damage yes
  2. Willing to spend: 2 million a piece(will trade Terror Dragolich for 3 or more of them) Desc: Trying to get 1 of each weapon, the only secondary stats i care about are on the cleaver(AP), sweeper(AP), and staff(HP) Contact: On Here
  3. need to be more specific on what you're looking for. are you looking for a 6/10 with a range mod on it?
  4. It would be better to not even bother with gems anymore, since dda is coming out soon. DD2 is probably going to be a ghost town once the new game comes out, same thing happened with DDE
  5. Even with the new name its still the same devs making bad decisions, we might not see it for awhile after the game comes out, but just like dd2 once the money well dries up they won't be able to help themselves
  6. Walls end up in the same boat as a lot of towers in onslaught, too weak to even be worth using. Onslaught and mastery is literally all we have in endgame, and mastery caps stats so balance isn't needed. They need a scaling system sort of like in dd1, where in nightmare walls got a health buff, onslaught needs to give walls more health depending on the floor, that way it wouldn't affect early and mid game progression
  7. What if the prizes were based off of how many stars you got in the map? That way even if you were not able to get all 5 stars you could still get a reward. Until trendy fixes the broken path AI for bosses some of the maps are a real pain to deal with.(under pressure for instance) Not to mention that mastery requires a decent collection of shards and mods to do successfully.
  8. Its not about relying on them, its about them being useful in the slightest. As it stands walls are trash once you start pushing into onslaught. When starting out walls are nice to have but their health (and especially dmg) isn't suited to deal with end game at all. Thats exactly my point, walls are so bad that its better to not use them at all. Walls don't have the health to even be worth building You would be better off spending that du on towers that stun rather than putting down a 50 du wall. in high onslaught even the colossus gets shredded like tissue paper. Even worse is that there are no shards or mods that make walls worth it, the best they can do is stall enemies and provide a small buff to other towers. They need to be reworked entirely. It just like you said, that the spike blockade is enough, even though its the one wall that does nothing. giving them mods or shards with unique effects wouldn't solve their uselessness, all that would do is take away a slot that could be better used. the unique effects should be a part of the base tower so that walls would finally have some utility besides stopping bosses or getting mauled by groups of enemies
  9. Bonus missions are such a waste, the extra medals are nice but incursions haven't had a purpose in years. Give us something we have to spend time doing with some unique rewards rather than just a c1-3 incursion that we beat in 5 mins
  10. its even worse when you have under pressure as one of the challenges and a boss gets stuck wave 5
  11. The amount of campaign shards that end up spawning is annoying, even more so that i have to open every single one knowing that whatever it contains is going to be disenchanted anyway. would be nice to skip the popup and get rid of them right away, or even better if the auto collect would let us choose what shards we want to pick up
  12. Even if they need money, they don't need to leech off the fanbase, the game starts you off with a pitiful amount of bag space, pretty much forcing you to buy more Not being able to stack shards with different amounts of upgrades would make sense, but if i have 5 of the same shard with no upgrades, it should be no problem stacking them
  13. They can call themselves whatever they want, its still the same devs
  14. so materials can be stacked up to 9999 but shards can't even stack to anything more than 1? sounds like a cop out to me
  15. Walls are far too low hp to handle higher floors of onslught, and with the broken hp bug that has been going around walls are needed to deal with them, the problem is that the enemies on higher floors shred walls. Fixing the bug would be nice but it doesn't help with the fact that walls are useless once you get to floor 80+. maybe add some sort of hp ramp depending on what floor you are on.
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