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  1. Bonus missions are such a waste, the extra medals are nice but incursions haven't had a purpose in years. Give us something we have to spend time doing with some unique rewards rather than just a c1-3 incursion that we beat in 5 mins
  2. its even worse when you have under pressure as one of the challenges and a boss gets stuck wave 5
  3. The amount of campaign shards that end up spawning is annoying, even more so that i have to open every single one knowing that whatever it contains is going to be disenchanted anyway. would be nice to skip the popup and get rid of them right away, or even better if the auto collect would let us choose what shards we want to pick up
  4. Even if they need money, they don't need to leech off the fanbase, the game starts you off with a pitiful amount of bag space, pretty much forcing you to buy more Not being able to stack shards with different amounts of upgrades would make sense, but if i have 5 of the same shard with no upgrades, it should be no problem stacking them
  5. They can call themselves whatever they want, its still the same devs
  6. so materials can be stacked up to 9999 but shards can't even stack to anything more than 1? sounds like a cop out to me
  7. Walls are far too low hp to handle higher floors of onslught, and with the broken hp bug that has been going around walls are needed to deal with them, the problem is that the enemies on higher floors shred walls. Fixing the bug would be nice but it doesn't help with the fact that walls are useless once you get to floor 80+. maybe add some sort of hp ramp depending on what floor you are on.
  8. It really ruins him as a boss if he can show up during waves 2-5, also the 10 sec timer for the final wave isn't needed, just let us g and start the final wave
  9. its gotta be a 10/10 or no one is gonna buy it, also the image doesn't work
  10. you're not gonna get many sellers with such low prices, especially healthy power, 2 mill is way to cheap for a 10/10
  11. Something happened during the last patch, chest loot used to be auto collected but now its a 50/50 chance if the items will end up in my inv
  12. how do you accidentally upgrade something? also you would seriously pay them money to fix only losing 2 mill gold?
  13. the most resent update has really messed up the game, the bugs have been getting worse and worse. i would probably quit if i lost one of my gilded, only thing that has disappeared from my inv was a relic i was working on
  14. Something wen't seriously wrong with their most resent patch. items are going missing, enemies have broken hp, the death bug, the tooltip for defenses doesn't work most of the time. They really dropped the ball with whatever they are doing. most of these issues started showing up after a small update that just seemed to make the game worse. they really need to patch this stuff out, every day more and more bugs are being found
  15. i'm betting they will patch the broken hp enemies but bees and slimes have always had terrible targeting, i doubt it will get fixed anytime soon
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