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  1. he speaks the truth, I figured it was about time the leftovers started circulating so I gave them to juejue to do with as he pleased, figured it was better than letting them sit in my box rotting. worth noting, there may be some more bracers and isoms on an alt account if I ever remember the pass for it that he'll be auctioning as well.
  2. But lurkers have no community input. It's also hearsay, as I can say I've been lurking since Jan 2000. Doesn't make it true. The main point is it doesn't matter how long you've been around. Just that you contribute and share views and opinions =) see i knew classic still had some great nuggets of wisdom he had been holding back all this time
  3. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/top-5-with-lisa-foiles/8823-Top-5-Tower-Defense-Games
  4. What was your thoughts on these? I believe it worked as follows, each player got 2 chest keys per wave and the chest mana was instanced, chest re-spawned with time but you could only access them with a key. I believe dropped mana was instanced too, but not sure on that one. I only had a chance to play about 3 matches tonight but I thought it worked well from what I seen. It seemed to allow each person access to mana and encouraged teamwork more. i like the idea of keys but i was playing solo my first game and so as oswarlan basically said it killed the ability to play alone or for one
  5. I enjoyed reading the open letter to trendy and so did a lot of people over here. We are aware of most of those issues thanks to the fans posting them here in the forums and we did take them to heart. That's why we are determined to improve things for DD2. Our Studio Director Dave Loyd even released the blog, Dungeon Defenders II: Pillars, in order to let our fans know that we have been listening to your biggest concerns and we are dedicated to making DD2 even better. Of course, we can always count on you all to let us know if we're slacking, right? ;) right, we will keep the perverbial whi
  6. when there is no controler layout i use xpadder to make one.
  7. DD has had one of the best community teams in gaming IMO. It helps that we aren't a giant community, but the overall interaction of them is awesome. Keep on keeping on! true that, i've never had any dealings with angela but at the very least i know if she can survive the nerf fights she's ok by me
  8. http://www.penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/community-management just a thread to tell laura we love her, i miss hit but laura is the best possible replacement
  9. Banned for not giving proof. banned for requireing proof
  10. the disciple-the last devout follower of the lava gods having spent the past 10 years in the heart of the volcano communing with the lava gods, following his vision in the mines of glitterhelm,with the shards now broken he has finally set out to help the legendary defenders stop the old ones. tank/ support role with support/crowd clearing towers he fights with his fists, his weapons would be differant stones that would affect how is ranged attacks acted. some could cause piercing some explosions some an atack speed boost,etc ability 1 aoe dot around body based on level, drains mana fast
  11. PS should be on par, if not better. It should be harder to do. DPS makes the game easier. A good team of 4 can do the majority of the base game maps without building a single tower unit. thank god someone can see what i'm saying. also eagle when dd2 comes out should i hit you up for the event team?
  12. It's not about seeing eye to eye, as I value everyone's right to have their own opinion. I know that not all of my ideas are good ideas too, but unless I post them, I can't say I said so. What I don't get is why anyone would want to reward players for only being active during the build phase and then do nothing during the wave? We should be encouraging players to constantly get their hands dirty and get amongst it. i agree we should encorage people to get in the heat of it. i just don't want the pure stratigy game mode(if it still exists) to suck as bad as dd1's did
  13. ... when i quite playing on console i gave away all the event weapons to the legit players i knew. cant wait to get the events going on dd2.
  14. if nothing else classic i know we agree that nightmare is bad, and you and i practically never see eye to eye. no supprise that this is any differant.
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