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  1. worth more than 2b? sry to make u sad, mana is worth something again, and 130up weapons arent even close to best anymore
  2. pretty lucky with ur 136^ minugun huh? perfect stats on everything......weird weird
  3. at 7.13 on NM my traps did 233k dmg with app guard fully upgraded not being on huntress. now on the newest patch they have at max 140-150k=
  4. check on nightmare survival of forest. he managed wave 30..... clearly hacked
  5. still doesent explain the nerf on traps and aura and so on
  6. * Increased Nightmare Physical Tower Damage & HP by 25% did i missunderstand the increased? cause my traps and everything got nerfed by around 25%
  7. Frank with the char Joie did finish alch lab survival on nightmare, dunno if mixmode or normal. that would be all fine, but i check on the rankings and he managed to jump from wave 17 to 24. thats ok, but not the time he managed to do it. it says almost 3 hrs for wave 25. thats ok but when he had 24 on best wave he achived it at around 11am. now it says wave 25 at 11:44am my time with him taking almost 3 hrs? how is that possible....sry if i did explain it kinda hard to understand
  8. i got mythical armors on the new umf map on insane, did solo finish it, myth items started droping on wave 13, myth items are rewards also
  9. have 100+up monk weapon and high up huntress guardian with high boost
  10. omg dont get trolled its a hacked item nothing more. if it WOULD be a myth item the highest stat wouldnt be cappedon 126 and i doubt they will take old pics for it
  11. i have everything u want and can outbid everyone, just add me on steam: dabidabidu271
  12. want the fairy, add me on steam, dabidabidu271
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