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  1. Quite a bit actually ;) http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?72721-Returning-to-Dungeon-Defenders-Look-here...
  2. Do what I did. - Find an existing survival layout. - take out the deadly parts (that includes reflect beams) - have fun with the free DU (walls, gas, extends the hell out of the buff beams, etc.) - at last wave, switch to aura monk/initiate and overlay the electric auras, switch to traps and put in prox/inferno, switch to dps. done. :) the only ones that gave me a bit of trouble were City and Moraggo. Other than those two, everything was cake :)
  3. Why is it that the Squire Harpoons deal as much/more damage than App Fireball Towers, and pierce to boot? That doesn't make any sense. jumping really quick in here. It makes perfect sense. - Harpoons that the ballistas fire are giant arrows that pierce (like normal arrows do but to a greater extent as they are much larger). So what is happening is that the arrows hit an enemy chest and pierce through them causing massive damage (imagine a smaller tree going through your chest and not stopping. that's how much damage.) - The app fireball tower is essentially a burning magic "stone" h
  4. does this really work since the addition of the paraorges + copters? why yes. :) I did some minor edits like Lourishin did here: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?75893-Request-Looking-for-some-help-to-get-Talay-Mines-unlocked-for-Survival&p=618439&viewfull=1[[1663,hashtags]] adding reflect beams, moving a couple of the minions, adding minions, etc. and it works great ;)
  5. I feel like the game is much easier on pc than it is on consoles, on console like ps3, you would consider good when you have tower damage at 600+ or hero damage 500+ but on pc most people stats go up to 1k+. To me that different in stats is just way too out rages to comprehend. To me it would make sense if you guys would decrease the stats to where the console is at and decrease the difficultly on nightmare mode so that pc users would know how console users feel when playing this game with such low stats. We have nightmare mode. We need the stats. You don't.
  6. I thought it was just host. :/ and I'm pretty sure you need city in the cliffs to unlock the ability to get the award. Not sure though. Did this one solo just in case of team misfire.
  7. Stopped for now. Since the FPS drops to 4-8 during combat phase since last patch. Like watching a damn slideshow. I can stop playing for a few days. *twitches* Lol
  8. I keep getting pets :/ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=90451519 , http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=90451561 Hopefully i can get armour from mixed runs >.> same here. pets. those are very nice pets though xD
  9. +1 for me on this issue as well. been playing city these past few days and only after the patch did the framerate drop during combat phase. 10-15FPS at the start of combat. alleviates near end. 1280x768 windowed. Unchecked the no multi thread option. No changes since 7.13. Early 2011 MBP running steam on Bootcamp.
  10. have you tried this build? http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?71756-Guide-Palantir-NM-Campaign-(without-summoner!) no summoner and can hold pretty well. it's only made much much better when you add in minions. :)
  11. I'm not questioning your build, but can you explain why the NE enemies gets killed so easily? Is it because the NW spawn has ogres and the NE spawn doesn't or something? NE spawns ogres, but the enemies from there (aside from a wyvern or two) make a beeline for the SE entrance if not provoked. Odd but convenient :)
  12. Ran this build on NMHC. Wow that holds well. :) With a summoner it's even better! The waves went by lightning quick if you just pepper the stage with archers and mages. I have no doubt it would hold for all waves of survival if one adds even a half decent summoner.
  13. How I leveled my characters to 90. - splitscreen. - hiding spots in maps - healing auras - campaign maps (personal preference) For jester, I ran her afk inside King's game NMHC prepatch. 16mExp for 1 run of the campaign. Not bad. For the requirements you listed, I would suggest early maps on NM (not HC) survival. Tons of great builds here for Magus/Alch/Servants. You can even do MM on NM and it should be fine. :) 1shark1 and MadeInLondon both have terrific builds to take you to wave 30.
  14. So, it's finally stable for the first time. Is there any way I can "pin" this version, so if another patch breaks it, I'll still have this working version? Or is the only way to do that, to leave DD running or my network unplugged? I'm running Bootcamp on an Early 2011 MBP, so I can only assume that steam on OSX works near identical to the windows version. If it does, then you can just disable automatic updating for this game in your steam library. :) I wish it had rollback capability, but alas it does not.
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