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  1. Came back from a 9 months slumber from this game to see what the fuss was about the game launch with a refreshed hope things would be a bit different... also came to the forums to see what people were talking about the official launch and recent issues. Funny how after nearly being stoned to death several times in these very forums for saying trendy never cared about what our/your opinions were on the game they were making, I now stand here reading the exact same crap I always wrote and said. It's even funnier given the fact that people who used to defend trendy and used to stone me now stand
  2. You made maps. Congratulations! You are now a certified designer! So proud. Like I said, I won't bother discussing this any longer. Think whatever you want and take whatever conclusions you feel are right about what I know and what I do not. But before that, try to see what all those games have in common which DD1, DDE and DD2 don't and correlate that to the size of patches. I think you might find a clue there, and if you indeed do, make sure to give some explanation because there's people around who already questioned the reason patches are gigantic (search the thread for that, might be in ge
  3. You need to understand that different people do different jobs. For example, the Diaz brothers built the Crumbled Bulwark map. Collins created the incursion. Some art person, I don't know who, created the new assets for the Dark Assassin, the Dark Prophets, and their Dark Tomes. None of these people are programmers who could have otherwise spent time fixing bugs. Do you want these guys to just sit around doing absolutely nothing until all the bugs get fixed? If they're not programmers, how does the map WORK? How was it rendered INTO the game and how is it a PHYSICAL thing? Who programmed stuf
  4. Who made the decision in adding this content to the game? Why is this patch a thing right now? Why did that/those person/people decide that this is a must and has a bigger priority over bug fixes and balances? Weren't you guys putting all your efforts to make the revamp arrive as soon as possible? Doesn't look like it... Why are you adding a new map with a weapon to a hero which comes out in like 2 and 1/2 weeks that looks like it'll bore everyone to death (I'm sure the creator did a great job, but where does she fit right now?), without any 700+ iPWR drop? Am I missing something here? What's
  5. Hahahaha, I'm currently on a 72 dry run streak of absolutely 0 boots anywhere from 701 to 750 iPWR. I'm getting depressed. Running out of space for polearms, so I'll stop counting one day.
  6. Alright. Very important question here! If he targets heroes, what happens if I keep killing myself? Do I break the game?
  7. I sell ballistas because I think it's easier to just sell and place them in a specific place, to make sure they don't f*ck up. About that name, was totally unintentional for that print ahhahahah
  8. I made 10 runs just now. These were the drops I got... Even the game is making fun of me by dropping a sh*tload of boots from bosses but not from the bloody chest, let alone 701-750. Getting hella maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
  9. ´╗┐´╗┐They stopped working for a relative long time ago. It was an intentional change from trendy to make them not work in protons, so if you have them, they're not doing anything.
  10. Added a print to the patterns. Check the post before this one if you want :)
  11. In all honesty, doesn't really matter. Putting a really long one works if you know somewhat the exact path mobs take and they'll die - eventually - but you have the risk of having a kobold run along side the beams and explode in the core if you don't use walls and mess the proton beam placement. Then there's the way most people use, which I honestly can't figure out why, which is to put like 8-9 nodes in a very tight padron somewhere along the lane, which makes sure everything touches it but it's a waste of DU -> In my opinion, ofc... And then there's the way I use them, which is usually 2
  12. Eh, maybe you're right. My bad. But yeah, 701-750 drops haven't been dropping and I'm honestly tired of doing Power Surge oooover and over, placing ballistas, selling ballistas, putting some more ballistas and selling them again while ocasionally spamming skeletal orcs because I can and literally have 5000 mana in the floor for a crappy polearm that's nothing else other than useless/upgrade fuel for me, while the thing I want must be somewhere in North Korea. Apparently they can't ship it to Dragonfall, so that must be it.
  13. Possible spoilers from Hunter X Hunter 2011.
  14. Cus it's a barbarian, so he must be a rebellious little prick. That alone is enough for me!
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