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  1. Personally i can't belive how they failed to fix the game with the patch. It's such an insult considering how long it took. I might aswell forget all about dungeon defenders and trendy entertainment. I wish their team was abit more like the Mojang team that created Minecraft. They patch and fix bugs before anyone even realize they are there.
  2. Is it? How misinformed you are TE submitted the patch to SCEE just last week, it s on the digest, read it, so how exactly it is SCEE's fault? TE hadnt submitted the patch to SCEE at the same time as they submitted it to SCEA why? you are a clever kid, you can figure it out for yourself I just assumed. =)
  3. Actully it's SCEE's fault, they are really strict since they got hacked. I would guess that we will have to wait for two more months atleast.
  4. And will the EU version get one two months later as usual thanks to scee?
  5. I just want to bump this. Besides i think trendy should know that they are cowards who doesn't dare to face their displeased customers.
  6. This is obviously how it should be. I find myself watching tv during those 3k+ waves and just checking in during the commercial breaks. It's a waste of time and sometimes my defense fails because I forget to check back. I don't even like watching tv.
  7. Completely false. Just because they don't talk doesn't mean they don't care. They must be under an NDA. How can you say that? Surely if they are under an NDA they could patch the game for all the console users. They have not patched it once so far, that's how I know we are being ignored. Why are you defending them? You are being kept in the dark just as much as we are. Do you know any useful information regarding the date the patch will be released and what it will contain? I would think that you should know that considering you are the frontal figure for their organization. You are the fac
  8. Actully Trendy Entertainment is just ignoring us and will not use any resources they have to please console gamers. They know that we know it, and they do not care. Trendy is not like any other gamedeveloper, these guys do not care about the product or their customers. This is obvious, i know it sucks but it's just how it is.
  9. Eh cool i suppose, when will there be a single damn patch for all the console players?
  10. What i don't understand is why Classic22 is doing so much for Trendy when he too is being ignored and treated like ****. The guy should get payed for doing their job. Even though he doesn't know anything and usually ends his sentences with things like "I think." and "That's only a speculation on my part". He is still on here talking to us every day. I feel for all of us, thanks Classic22. Without you this forum would just be filled with anger and spam. .. And i feel you are being treated unfairly aswell. I AM JUSTICE! ;D
  11. Right, in sweden we call it yrkesstolthet. It means being proud of what you produce and you cannot even bare to face your displeased customers. Don't get me wrong, i love the game. I think it's the best downloadable title ever, but it's heartbreaking to be ignored like this.
  12. Since this thread will be closed very soon, i would just like to add some bull**** to the flameing. Seriously fix the game in january. Do not give us any crap about how MS or Sony is making it diffucult for you. Teams smaller then you have exceeded on every turn when taking care of customers. Seriously drop the pc version for just a few days and fix the console version allready. Respect your costumers if you want people to buy your games in the future.
  13. Proper scaling in PvP so it's not a one hit fest. Yes but they should definatly scale pve more then pvp imo. My impression of dungeon defender pvp is just something silly to do with your friends about comparing hero power. It's not what the game should be about. I read on the PC sectn that they are doing too much to the game and messing it up and we have all seen that before. I just want to see the game fixed, nothing added. It's good the way it is. By that i mean the original post wishlist. It's all I personally would like to see in the game, nothing more.
  14. Hey guys, i would like to see a patch before any DLC or crossrealm feature. What about you?
  15. The patch is more important then anything else imo, attack rate is not even working and ugh. I can't reach certain levels and do the things i would want to just because it isn't patched at all. Sure games can be messed up at launch, but the patch that fixes the issues should be arriving a week after or so.
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