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  1. Shakespeare himself couldn't come up with this stuff even if he was this stupid. Or brilliant.
  2. Agree to 100% disagree... but Nightmare did not "come about" due to anything you suggest. All of the content was planned and designed prior to original release. Most nightmare adjustments since it was released have been to make it easier.. not harder. I haven't seen any statements that suggest Nightmare was part of an original design plan. [quote] Like I said, I just can't wrap my head around your mentality. I don't think any game that gives casual players the same access to content as hardcore players would ever attract hardcore players. I was bored with DD before Nightmare came out.
  3. It's the same in every game forum ever created. If you want a game catered specifically to your playstyle... go develop your own game. Or play different titles. There were over 500 new titles released last year. The idea is for you to find a game that fits your style. Not spend hundreds of hours complaining that the game you already own isn't taking the direction you want it to. It's funny because this is exactly how Nightmare came about; some people complaining that the game was too easy or didn't have enough content while expecting a $15 title to last them for more than a month, rather th
  4. I'll throw in my experience so far since I found myself in the same boat. Soloed my way up to Magus Quarters NM, got stuck trying to kill the Demon Lord on Alch' Labs. Decided to grind some gear out of Endless Spire/Mistymire, then realized I'd have to finish leveling my characters to 74. Well, I've got my Huntress to 74 and that's it. Part-way doing the rest of the runs with splitscreen, I literally found myself falling asleep while playing the game. Tried motivating myself by thinking about all those awesome pieces of armor I could, but then realized I'd have to spend hours grinding billions
  5. You're gonna have to AFK shop so hard to max that thing out.
  6. Had this issue as well when I was first going for Legendary Defender. The awards finally registered after the host of a Hard Summit game let the end-cinematic run for a good 7-10 seconds. Make sure to let the cinematic run for a bit. If Summit's the last stage you need for those two specific achievements, you should see them unlock during the cinematic.
  7. Sometimes she falls and thorax open. Cant understand how it's happen? Seems like a certain amount of damage done by defenses will trigger her weakened state. I could be wrong, but I've never gotten her exposed gem to appear doing just pure hero damage and kiting. It's only ever opened up for me while keeping her on Proxy Traps.
  8. NM ogres have resistances... makes app dos and electronic auras useless but with the resistance draining effect if app barriers, they end up being more beneficial =\ Yeah, this pretty much sums up my general feelings about Squire defenses being under-powered in end-game. Sure, your Spiked Barricades might have 60K health, but they're now taking elemental damage from Ogres in Nightmare. On the other hand, your 20K Magical Blockades remove resistances and eliminate elemental damage, effectively doubling their life-span. The damage provided by Spiked Barricades is negligible and very limited
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ0leK7zH1s Only apprentice is needed. Nicely done.
  10. Grat's on the office, concept looks great! Enjoy your Christmas break, I'm sure you guys need the rest after these crazy past few months.
  11. Isn't that a DEW in the tree behind the mage? That's a Magi. They've got those sullen faces and blank eyes, DEWs usually look pretty stern with red-glowing eyes. I love this image though.
  12. I've kind of identified this problem after just watching them smash Barricade for a while, and I'm curious if we can get a comment on it if it's intended or not. The problem: Ogres deal damage TWICE when they perform downward club smash attacks. This animation causes them to deal damage once from their actual animation, and then spawns a "splashing" impact graphic/animation which then will also deal increased splash damage to everything around it. This splashing effect is the cause of what hits players and defenses even after the ogre's active attack frames are finished from his smashing ani
  13. I have one hero out of eight at 74, after choosing to sit myself in Insane Glitterhelm for the past couple of nights while using a spare controller to grind two heroes at once. Problem is, I can't stand doing more than two runs before getting bored and trying more Nightmare maps.
  14. Updated the schematics for the aura-size nerf of 7.15. In summary, you're removing 1 Magic Missile from the east and west chokepoints and building 2 Strength Drains on top of each Northern Barricade. In case you're wondering, Hardcore Nightmare isn't available for this challenge. :( However, I did pull a nice 2K melee 140^ Party Hat out of it.
  15. Pet tooltips will say in blue letters "Mythical" when you view the pet's item info, indicating their attacks scale off Hero Attack. It's also funny that you brought up the item-upgrade issues. I had been doing Nightmare maps with characters under 74. My biggest indicator of finding good Mythical loot was seeing the dark-green box outline on an item while standing right in front of it, showing that I wasn't high-level enough to use it. Now that I leveled my Huntress to 74 to actually use that gear, I'm kind of sad that I can't use that indicator anymore. Using new symbols and colors to indica
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