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  1. He's speaking of Equipped Heroes in the Hero Deck, with the limitation of only having 4....he stated 4 builders which consumes every hero slot. That leaves no room for AP/DPS toon.
  2. Happy Easter to you as well!
  3. Tux all the way, suit up! Sunny or Rainy?
  4. That's another thing to add actually, I use the Razer eXactMat Xcontrol. I played CS 1.6 very competitively and enjoyed the quality of what the mousepad offered.
  5. Teamspeak Laptop or Desktop?
  6. guser trap on all spawns apart from middle with a ele aura then another guser boost aura (2 eles on the side oger lane) middle lane 3 gusers across the bottom of the ramp where the lanes combine ( one where the skellys drop and one eather side) 4 ele auras and the 2 gusers behind it boost aura then anti air is fairly simple sky tower next to sub core with boost aura and sky tower near the core with boost aura side auras only need 1 maybe 2 ups sky towers need 2 ups then rest goes into the middle lane eather tank the ogers on a squire in the auras or run circles around it and the auras
  7. Keyboard - Razer Tarantula Mouse - Razer Lachesis I read several posts about no reason spending over $100 on keyboard/mice....but it's preference really. Also some games, competitive games such as RTS and FPS genre do benefit from better keyboard/mice. I've had both keyboard and mouse for 7 years now and they're still working great. So all in all it was definitely worth the investment (in my opinion). Also people's views on hobbies varies from one to the other, one may see investing into going out with friends a fun and amazing experience. On the other had another may view investing into a
  8. kobold dd1 ramparts or dd2 ramparts?
  9. All teh vodka prease. Beard or clean shave
  10. Nintendo. ahh the memories... root beer or Dr pepper?
  11. 250m on #6 @Big Boss Lawl, i trade with Az all the time, very trustworthy. Also most trades you give mana first. 95% of my trades I recieve mana first then drop item so the person can pick it up due to so many trade glitches. Either you are new to trading or just upset you didn't get your way. Either or, no reason to try and flame a trader you have no experience with.
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