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  1. Thank you so much ApexStorm and oliwaltony, super appreciated =)
  2. For example, the "Ghastly Halberd" only drops on the Bastille map, and the "Bling-O-Midas" only drops on the "Little Horn Valley" map? I have been looking and cannot find a list like this anywhere. If you do not know of a list, but do know of some items that only drop on specific maps, please list what you know of in the comments . Super appreciate anyone that can help me out on this. Thank you for your time. =)
  3. This is the third time sense the patch came out that I have received only level 1 items for drops. Twice I was playing on Nightmare difficulty, I think the first map was Nightmare Lvl 2 in greystone plaza (could be wrong about map, made a bug report when it happened with correct info though). 2nd time it happened was Nightmare lvl 1 (can't remember map), and third time it happened I was playing the Harbinger level at Insane level. Literally every item dropped is level 1 and I received probably 5 times the amount of low tier, grey background items then I would normally. This has only happened to me while playing Private solo matches. Out of the 6 or 7 private matches I have played sense the patch came out, 3 of them only dropped level 1 items. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I am doing/not doing to cause this? Is this a bug of some sort? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Don't want to keep putting time into the game if I'm not going to see any progress from it. Hopefully this issue will be fixed/explained soon, I love this game and don't want to have to quit playing. =(
  4. Are daily missions only referring to incursion maps? Today my daily mission was, "Defeat 3 forest maps" or something to that effect. It specifically lists the "Liferoot Forest" in its example, but says nothing about incursion maps. When I defeated the Liferoot Forest endgame map (insane level), I did not get credited for it when I opened up the Daily Quest menu. Is this just a bug, or do I need to focus on incursion maps only while doing daily missions?
  5. Thank you for the responses all, much appreciated. =)
  6. I was hoping someone could list out all the towers that are considered crowd control. I haven't been able to find anything searching and I'm not really for sure on the definition. Is it towers that effect more then one mob, like any AOE tower? Is it only towers that slow mobs down? Is it only towers that can effect a whole group of mobs at once? I dunno, I know it seems like a really stupid question, but I just want to be sure as the map I am playing says the mobs have "70% crowd control resilience" so obviously I want to be sure and not use any CC towers. Thank you for taking the time to read this, thank you in advance to anyone that can answer my question.
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