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  1. "And for the Fissures, I don't understand how would it be exploit? The first 3 fissures cost 0 DU at tier 0 and deals no dmg at all but at Tier 1 they cost back their originally 30 DU. Alright, if u don't want the map to be full of Fissures then maybe we could limit 3 fissures per account." It would be an exploit because lets say you have a 900 DU map. You place 3 fissures for 0 each, then fill out the 900 DU with other defenses then upgrade the fissures to go over the max DU essentially using 990/900 on the map, which could then be exploited even more with multiple lavamancers.
  2. Completing the adventure mode version of the 2 pirates maps was supposed to reward a mythical pack but was bugged until todays update so its probably a retroactive unlock of that?
  3. Aye that would be ok aswell. Its weird that you can open the Trendy shop to spend your money but you can't open your own inventory.
  4. Hi, With the place the game is at right now there needs to be a feature in place to make filtering MOD's you wish to keep/look at later more friendly, especially in multiplayer games where 3 people are waiting while you're trying to filter through multiple bags to see if anything is worth keeping before auto-selling the rest. This gets amplified if you're the builder and people are waiting for you to build while you're looking through your inventory. My suggestion is simple, if you get an item that drops with a MOD that has a quality of 7/10 (or a custom user set value) or higher then that item is auto locked in your inventory for you to deal with later. That way, if you're not looking for gear pwr upgrades then you can just auto-sell everything and look through the MOD's when you're finished running maps. I dont think this would require too much implementation or work from Trendy and would greatly reduce the player time wasted looking through multiple bags of 1-2 bean MOD's on the off chance that there is a green in there somewhere (there usually isn't one there). Let me know what you people think and if you have any suggestions to add to this.
  5. The multiplayer health scaling on the mobs in onslaught is kind of brutal. I was struggling to do 50 ish with one other player but have got to 65 with basically no problems since I went solo. Only the odd lane gives me a problem due to me not looking at the affixes properly which is my bad, nothing to do with my defense strength.
  6. I too had this exact same issue, got weapons at 40 and 50 but not 60 :/ I'm not too fussed but it would be nice to see a fix.
  7. Why are you a bad prick in every thread you post in, I'm getting bored and tired of reading your argumentative/sarcastic/baiting bull*** - just stop posting, for everybody's benefit.
  8. Gear now rolls with random additional modifications that can be transferred to other pieces of the same gear type. One of these mods is called Tenacity and it reduces negative effects by x%. The disabling of ground 'towers' (auras/traps etc) by Cyborks etc is classed as a negative effect so if you have/transfer a Tenacity servo on a relic and put that relic on say a flame aura, the amount of time the aura spends disabled is greatly reduced. The 'base' roll can be up to 90% so it means the act of disabling the aura has no real impact on the ability to clear the lane with auras when it should be a lot more difficult due to the mob type.
  9. In the maintenance message "me be" should be "may be"/ "might be" or the most likely outcome "will be" :D
  10. [[119027,users]] Thanks very much, my main mistake was wasting double barricades on the top lanes and also running 3 frosties instead of 2 there. All sorted now :) Although I don't have a decent purge evil staff so just used boosts to strengthen the barricades a bit.
  11. Any tips for the build on nm3 throne room? (playing solo but have all chars - walls 240k, traps 1.8k, 70% ish frosty increase using some old low ipwr app stuff). I can't seem to figure out a good setup. Thanks in advance!
  12. I've seen one with 2xx upgrades but it only had 1 stat over 100 and the thumb still pointed down.. Dunno whats going on. Been looking into getting a proper app & huntress guardian, but looking at defendersstore.com they seem to have crazy stats, for 100m, so I am worried that they are hacked. Is there some quick guidelines, like they can't have more then 50 boost stat non-upgraded or do I just have to go with my guts? The thumbs down is probably due to the fact that the weapon damage on your current weapon is upgraded to the point where it sees an upgrade as a downgrade whereas if you think about it and pump a couple of hundred million mana into it it would then show as a thumbs up. For the buying items issue you can use common sense and to be honest I'm unsure if theres any guide showing 'maximum' stats for stuff. I've seen many guardians at 100+ stats and 100+ upgrades spawn in my tavern after doing ESNMHC and the best ones either cost 75,000,000 mana or 10 mana. If you keep doing ESNMHC campaign you will eventually see pets of similar quality spawning, it just takes time.
  13. when you're making these overviews - when you click on a projectile tower you can use the left/right arrow keys to change its direction. will make it easier to show general directions of these towers as the screenshots aren't always very clear
  14. I also got my giraffe using this slightly modified setup of your version. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=1092 Here is a ss near the end of the last wave http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/69/25wavessetupandend.jpg/ and the reward! http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/600/wave25giraffeonatreadmi.jpg/ Edit : The crystal is red because i started on wave 8 and some enemies got through. After the first wave it didn't get touched. Constant repairs were needed and obviously manual killing of the mental warriors that run through your defenses unscathed. (using a full upgraded gvw - bit out of date but shooting through walls is nice :)) Was wondering how to upgrade it. The base stats seem to favour hero dps but if you're "dps'ing" the chances are you're using an animus or a highly upgraded guardian for tower safety so I think tower attack is the way to go? :)
  15. Tower stats on my mage are - 107/256/224/178 Aura stats on my monk are - 168/214/194/116
  16. on wave 15 atm. As long as you keep the ensnares repaired now and again its all good. I did move the the 2 magic missile towers by the main stairs though. I found them to not be very effective there. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=402 As you can see I moved them next to the center lightning tower. In this position facing the way they are they wont track things they cant fire at through the generator and they annihilate the 2 corners on the side lanes where mob build up occurs from the enrage auras.
  17. I can see the logic to this build - looks decent. When you say "massive" auras and turret range what sort of numbers are you talking?
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