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  1. It's all pure speculation on our part unless Trendy actually reveals this information. If you reroll and its 10/10 (and you dont keep track of how many/what you've rerolled) then you have literally no idea if you've hit the bad luck protection cap or just been blessed by the RNG gods. I've read and heard many 'ideas' as to how this works but it seems the only concrete evidence that we can be sure of is "If you reroll the same mod 286 times it will be 10/10 and it doesn't need to be in 1 go" as this has been tested and clarified by multiple people.
  2. Not on reflect beams it won't, cursi-kaze is an aura left on the ground when kobolds die. Any defenses in range of the aura will be affected. However, if you have say a weapon manufacturer down with a 10/10 Chaos 8 tenacity it will not be affected by the the aura.
  3. He used a 10/10 c8 upgraded tenacity (100%). Cyborks will just sit there spamming the disable defence ability at the reflect beam while doing nothing else, making them a complete non issue.
  4. 50%/410,800 damage. Juice put a vid out today. at 4m30s he shows a max one https://youtu.be/OcJmk6W-YnE?t=270
  5. The shard drop chances are clearly not equal. It becomes pretty obvious over time.
  6. I've done about 70 (ish) rerolls on a water servo and had 1 roll that was quality 7, a couple of 6 rolls and the rest were below that. Felt pretty crappy to be honest but hey-ho, rng often kicks people square in the nuts.
  7. No its just the drop rate is extremely bad. I've done 35 resets and had 13 (ish) c8 amps in total and that was with getting lucky and getting 6 in a row. Juicebags did something like 140 floors without getting one and hes at AP 42
  8. Theres spots in every map where its safe to afk rollers. You just gotta find them. Its usually somewhere out of line of sight, on a 'ledge' and next to a wall that has an archway/ceiling attached to it. The red circle of death still gets put under you but the projectile cant hit you. Edit: When I get some free time I'll post screenshots of some of them Edit2: Changed my mind on providing screenshots, I dont want my afk time to get 'fixed' :P
  9. You get 1 ancient power point per reset. The points you are referring to are the ascension talent caps.
  10. Just noticed you said you want the 999 caps. You will hit the cap passively at 20-30 resets due to the fact you've gone a decent way before your first reset so unless you have any desire to hit the cap sooner you wont need to worry about hitting it. But tbh the chances are you'll never have the ascension level to be able to utilize all the caps anyway. Just to cap one of the defenses power at 999 and get the defense speed in the middle column you will need 3056 ascension points. to cap everything you're looking at 20k ish.
  11. well i just found out on this reset that the required floor to reset caps out at 80, so I may push a bit to get some extra minimum ascension before I chain the next few resets. I was thinking of maybe going to 45 but I'm not sure, I'll probably go until I really cant take the resets anymore :D
  12. The bonus levels on the left will be added on I assure you. Next time you reset the number on the left will say 720 and whatever is to be added to that will be at the bottom. I'm not the biggest player in the game but I have done 32 resets so I've seen this addition a few times one might say :P
  13. You're not working it out correctly. the value stated is correct based on Lawlta's post. You already have credit for floor 38 which is why you have 99 starting ascension already. So...... 83 (current max onslaught) - 38 (previously achieved highest onslaught) = 45 45 x 4.16 = 187.2 1002 (current ascension level) / 50 = 20.04 187.2 + 20.04 = 207.24 207.24 x 3 = 621.72 Therefore the stated 621 on the reset screen is correct. Edit : You will actually have a starting ascension of 720 because the 99 you already have is not included thus the "+621"
  14. I'm pretty sure its just a tooltip error (tooltips in this game are not reliable at all). Did you actually check the damage numbers on targets?
  15. I had this happen a couple of weeks ago. I did an AP reset and half of my relic mod stash bag disappeared and the shard packs from maps in another bag disappeared. It fixed itself after I closed DD2 and then ran it again so didn't think anything of it. If I run into it again I'll post the log.
  16. When you've done a bunch of AP resets I feel like the game should ease the item upgrade grind a bit. My proposal :- New ancient power - Resource Management 1 point - chance to get an extra mote at the end of the map 2 points - guaranteed one extra mote at the end of the map 3 points - guaranteed one mote and a chance of a second at the end of the map 4 points - guaranteed two extra motes at the end of the map 5 points - guaranteed tinker item at the end of the map So, for example, if you do a dungeon map with 5 points invested you would end up with 2 extra motes and 1 extra cluster. At the moment if you grind out all the mats requires for 2 relic upgrades in a reset then you need to do 16xc3 and 16xc6 maps for the motes alone, my proposal would reduce this to 12. Its not OP but it does alleviate the lower level grind a bit. Thats all. Any thoughts/suggestions/criticisms welcome :) Thanks for reading.
  17. c4 = a chance at getting a material c5 = guaranteed material c6 = guaranteed material + a chance at a second I think it has been like this for a loooong time, nothing changed in the latest big patch.
  18. when you create a new hero you get the option to make it level 50 instantly if you already have a level 50 hero
  19. no I do some other things, scroll up and read my first reply
  20. I did tell you in my first reply "I tend to make about 4-6 mil each reset " and I was being conservative, its probably more but I tend to buy motes/clusters from people aswell when the prices aren't too unreasonable. 6 mil is more than enough to do 2 relics and a hypershard.
  21. Now I dont lose money but at the start its a bit tricky if you haven't saved up before the resetathon. I'd suggest looking at your gold (if you dont have much) before doing any upgrades and then dont reset until you hit that value again. It doesn't take 'that' long to be honest and its only for the first 10 resets or so, then as I said, you make it back passively anyway.
  22. I'm not sure about the nimbus, I've never really used the dryad so don't really know what they are capable of. I tend not to completely afk onslaught anyway, I do a little bit of active play while watching something on the other monitor.
  23. You start to make enough to cover it at about AP10 ish. I tend to run floors 10 and 20 for the prestigious weapons (will also backtrack to 30/40 etc when my max starting floor with the reset is over that number). Run one of each chaos expeditions tiers for the map 'collections' gold bonuses (ESC>collections>map). Run 8+ c3/c6 dungeon maps for motes/clusters and maybe do a few runs in C7 to break the monotony of the cycle. This gets you the mats/gold you need for the next reset, for at least 1 relic. I'm at AP15 at the moment and I tend to make about 4-6 mil each reset using the above method and this will only increase with each reset. I realise that higher up in the floors that it may get a bit more expensive. Note: I am using gilded dest, gilded DS and gilded rate on my main defense (WMS) so I dont have the cost of upgrading shards but I do upgrade 2 relics (WM relic + a pdt relic setup for anti frost which also does great as anti air). Edit: Don't use Hypershards especially in the early reset phase, its not necessary and its bloody expensive :)
  24. You can almost stack fissures on top of each other thus putting an incredible amount of damage into a confined area using fissures alone. With auras or nodes you're restricted as to how many you can fit in an area because the game forces you to place them at the edge of a already existing version. For example :- Auras can be placed > A ---------------------A ----------------------A Nodes can be placed > N -----------N--------------N-----------N Fissures can be placed > F-F-F-F-F This is an unreal example as to the layout that you would have for these defenses and for auras and nodes the extremities are exaggerated as the range of that defense increases but I think the general concept speaks for itself. Edit: I got so caught up with this conversation about fissures that I didn't mention that I agree with most of the rest of your well written post. Sorry if it looks like I'm crapping on it, it was not intended.
  25. The chances are, if you're already using the Lavamancer in some capacity (you state in the OP that you always use him) then you are already placing fissures because the close stacking of them is too strong to ignore thus making this unnecessary. I get the idea behind what you are saying if you want to build on other heroes and DPS on the Lavamancer however I doubt theres many if any that would do this. I imagine Trendy have better things to do with their development time than use it re-writing the DU system so a couple of people can DPS on the Lavamancer :)
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