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  1. Honestly who really cares what you think. You're joining THEIR game. If you dont like what they're doing then leave, it doesn't need a bitchy forum post.
  2. Its because you have a minimum ascension of 1860 therefore everytime you reset you will always be 1860. You increase your minimum ascension by climbing higher floors than you previously reached or by earning experience beyond your previous highest ascension. So you would need to complete floor 171 or get up to 2050 ascension before you will see an increase to your minimum of 1860.
  3. Its a second copy of the mastery shards so you can have 2 mass destruction, vicious strikes etc. You can only earn one new copy of each though.
  4. I don't think an ascension rework is necessary or worthwhile at this point imo. However, I would like to see the unused utility points actually get a purpose, its silly that 1 out of 3 ascension points are unable to be used after you maxed out the utility column. Possible utility point ideas for these would be :- 999 point node - Add these points to Column A 999 point node - Add these points to Column B 999 point node - Assassins have a 0.1% chance to not latch on to you (99.9% at 999 points) 999 point node - Towers built by this character have 0.1% chance to not be affected by disable effects (99.9% at 999 points) These are just a few things that came to mind and I know the barbarian tree setup does not encourage such changes with its unique structure but a couple of abilities could be moved to easily accommodate any alterations. It just bugs me that I have 100's potentially 1000's of worthless points on basically all my chars except barb and I think it would be easy to give us something to do with them.
  5. Each time you complete one of the two pirate maps in Expeditions Mode (High Seas > Plunderer's Paradise/Jacked Sparrow) you have a guaranteed chance of getting one of several pirate themed mods. Grave infection is one of those mods so just keep doing those two maps until you get one. Note: Maybe onslaught drops them too but I reroll the pirate maps in onslaught so dont actually know.
  6. Is the game installed on the SSD or is it on a standard HDD? I had similar issues when it was on a normal HDD but after moving it to the SSD my freeze issues stopped happening. Theres a program called SteamMover that makes moving steam apps to other drives/directories very simple if you need to move it. In regards to the loading screens, the more items you have in your main inventory the longer the game takes to load. If neither of these apply then I can't help, maybe someone else can respond with a better 'solution'. On a side note, check the options from the main menu and make sure you're joining the 'nearest' server region to you because obviously lag can play a part in problems like this. GL getting it fixed.
  7. I agree with everything you said. I work in the industry and am fully aware that all feedback of both a negative and positive nature can be very helpful for developers if its constructive and has a purpose. In fact, quite often negative feedback can be more important than positive if its put across in the correct way and can actually help developers to address potential/existing problems. However, when you open a thread with the line "I kinda fear the poor kickstarter will help lead to the game being DOA" this is not constructive or helpful in any way. Do people think the developers don't know the kickstarter didn't go as smoothly as they would have liked? But I mean really, it hardly indicates that the game will be "dead on arrival".
  8. I deleted it myself because while I was mad, I didn't want to cause conflict. There was no mod/admin involved. (Edited the edit to indicate that I deleted it myself :P). I didn't say anything untoward or violate any forum rules but I did 'have a go' at the author of the thread. I just don't understand what the point of this thread was. "The kickstarter process wasn't smooth therefore this game is going to be DOA" is just meh and might as well not be posted.
  9. Deleted by me. People's negativity/stupidity/bandwagoning on the Internet makes me mad. If you dont have anything constructive to say, then keep it to yourself.
  10. Dadogy

    C8 shards

    You might not have asked but Jaws_420 did
  11. Did we lose our post count from the original DD1 forums with the new forum migration? I went from 500+ posts to 60 but I did most of my communicating in the DD1 days.
  12. you had 5 years to obtain it, nobody to blame but yourself tbh lol
  13. I'm relaxed but I'm not a teacher :P The problem is I like to be able to read the forum posts, your post was 10 lines of pure unstructured text that had about 10 different points to make! It was hard enough for an English person to make sense out of so it must have been even trickier for the people on here who don't have English as their first language. A few full stops to separate your sentences/points would have been enough!
  14. I use them both together and they work just fine. Shatterquake kills can also proc weapon mods like frostfire remnants and grave infection etc so gives extra dps that way but it seems sporadic. I cant narrow down why sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.
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