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  1. Builders (with resists) are already MUCH more effective than dps characters on Nightmare difficulty. That 33% bonus to tower stats is considerably more damage than a dps character can bring in nightmare. In addition, if you sacrifice a couple hundred tower stats you can get full resists and decent hero stats on your builder to be able to survive and help out your towers.
  2. Although i think the DEW could use a damage nerf, most of their attacks are easy to avoid if you are properly aware of their positioning. This is true until they hit ludicrous speed as the wave number increases.
  3. You know what would fix this? Narrowing the acquisition arc of the harpoon towers. Right now it doesn't matter if you line up a harpoon tower "right". If the harpoon tower targets the wrong mob it will keep tracking the mob until the mob dies or leaves the firing arc.
  4. Hate Web, really wish they would just remove it, or at least make it a melee attack, last I checked spiders didnt throw web around outside of comicbooks. Here's one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWec266Lo3Q
  5. Your potential DPS with that disc gun is actually MUCH higher than 150k. The discs penetrate multiple mobs (may not even have a limit although I haven't checked) so you should multiply whatever number you get on the target dummy by 5 or 6.
  6. Judging from your characters items and build, you won't be able to just slap down auras and trap and pew pew to wave 14. What you can do is use your countess to dps. Do not plan on beating the map your first couple tries. All you need to do is beat waves 7-9 and you should get gear from chests that is on par with survival mixed mode and gear up. Once you slowly get gear you'll be able to progress further into the map. You should also be on the lookout for a bigger sword and aoe type weapon for your huntress should you decide to use her to dps. A few tips for combat phase: Try to ignore
  7. Generic and fire resistance are the most useful. Fire seems to be the most common element monsters have. Also wyverns and mages shoot fire. You'll usually be able to dodge most things but when you're repairing during combat you'll probably get pegged by a fireball. Unmitigated I believe fireballs do about 1500 dmg in UMF.
  8. A lot of people don't know about the giant fans that blow you up to the top level. Use them to get a more efficient build route for wave 7
  9. Have you tried taking off your gear or putting on gear with negative ranged stats to lay auras closer to doors. Then putting on your real gear aftewards to kill archers/mages before they even come out?
  10. I'd love to give you a "you're 100% right on the bat old chap" but alas. Having a dps geared any ranged class doesn't require you to have to waste points in resistances because of the simplest logic ever. Not getting hit > wasting upgrade levels. That's generally true for maps like Ramparts or Alchemical Lab (If you are using the "stand on top of potion brewer thing"). But I don't believe it is possible to avoid super speedy dark elves, wyvern fireballs, ogre poison balls, and super speedy kobolds all while trying to kill monsters in a very narrow time frame. I challenge anyone to c
  11. I think the main issue is that a lot of people are having trouble clearing just the first wave without the high-end gear, whether it's on Hard or Insane. This makes the path of progression questionable for the common player; should we really have to buy end-game gear form power-players to even step into end-game content? Or does UMF still require people to sink some time into Survival-Mix for 30-40^ gear first? As a supposed alternative to Survival-Mix, you would think people should be able to jump in and, with decent 30^ weapons and 20^ armor, have at least some measure of success. As long
  12. I've got 60^ flamethrower that does about 250k dps. But I can only make it to wave 12 due to my Strength Drain auras running out. How much tower HP do you need on your monk to last through wave 12? My monk has about 300 tower HP.
  13. Any thoughts on testing patches for ranked in open first? It would be fairly easy to get feedback as players can already export into Open from Ranked.
  14. 55 up weapons now cost over 20million to upgrade. I would say that's expensive.
  15. As anyone who has tried to play on Ranked recently will notice, even during prime time there are VERY few hard/insane games on Ranked. Maybe 5-10 at most. There are 5 times more shops than there are games right now. I believe the reason is that people don't have decently geared builders. The direction of end game leans heavily toward hero builds and as a result people are gearing and specing for hero damage. Thus, most players out there are all trying to gear a hero specced character. The problem with gearing heavily for hero damage is that people just don't have any mana left to upgr
  16. I was lucky; only on wave 13. Back to Skyrim for a while I guess.
  17. I've stopped crashing! But I don't know why. The only things I've changed are deleting my old dump files and switching back and forth between windowed and full screen (This may be a bandaid fix but I can't confirm). I too have an ATI card; a 6950. Has anyone else tried switching back and forth between windowed/fullscreen?
  18. Sent you a log file after replicating the crash. Do you need me to do a log file where I don't crash but join a game in build/combat phase?
  19. Dump files sent. Yes this happens in 7.08b. It used to happen before too; just not as bad because I was able to still create games and join games in tavern. But switching to windowed mode stopped it before 7.08b
  20. Every time I try to host a game or join a game that is in tavern my game crashes. I also crash after joining a game in progress if the host goes back to tavern. I can however play if the game is not in tavern.
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