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  1. Thats why trendy should have taken a different route and made it so with 2 players its say 10% chance of better mods, 3 players maybe 40% and 4 players 80% chance of better mods, it would give you a motive for playing with random people, as it is now i'm no more inclined to play with other people than before
  2. I like that trendy have added an incentive to play with other people, it makes sense, most players have been going solo for a while now and only doing public games when you get bored, but making a 4 player game 425% more loot out of a chest is rubbish, your bags fill up far too quickly, it should of been a certain % to get higher mods, more loot is useless when the mods are crap, i have all available inventory space, and feel that after a couple of maps need to be cleared now because of the extra loot, i wouldn't mind if i was getting some good maybe 3-4 bar mods out of it, but just seem to ge
  3. Have you got the pet materials to evolve, like vial of dragon sweat
  4. Thank you trendy, bringing some fun back with the barbarian, i may have created a thread in the past that was removed( my bad) i do think that my enjoyment level has risen with this update, good job guys, thank you for all the time and effort you put in to making dd2 awesome
  5. I've begun to realise that i had much more fun playing dd2 in early access. I used to look forward to coming home after a long days work to smash out a few hours of dd2, but my enthusiasm for the game has dwindled significantly in the last few months. I no longer look forward to it but rather dread the awful grind its become, my hours of gameplay are no longer filled with me desperately wanting to continue after failing a map, because it all seems pointless with the POTA reset system and the fact that i can never pick my own damn map to play. This is not a pitch forks post for everyone to get
  6. Im much lower ascension 380, been playing since it was available to buy,but have found with all recent updates i play less and less, was really looking forward to this update or expansion as trendy have called it, but i cant see the point of a reset, not enough gain to start over, as you can tell from my ascension level i play casually, maybe 4-5hrs a week, so im pretty much done with dd2 now because playing is kind of pointless, except for those amazing flair rewards which are pointless
  7. There's no platinum trophy because trendy are gonna add more trophies, thats what they said when the first batch of trophies were released
  8. If you click L3 on the deck it shows all heroes
  9. When it says cannot download click view details and it tells you why, probably storage space as courtjeaster said
  10. I still cant get the explosive trap or aura trophies to trigger, any tips?
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