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  1. I know i made a post a few days ago its still happening 3 to 5 times a ap reset its so annoying that its taking a extra few hours a reset slowing the grind and vib down i only need 8 more resets the grind is real
  2. This happen 4 times on the 3rd map on wave 4/5 and 5/5 thats not counting the countless times it kicked me to title screen trying to load pubic hub its so hard to keep playing after u lose so much progression everyday
  3. This make the most sence but with gliding sherds i have 12 vaults and 8 bag to the max if they would let sherds stack it b easier
  4. Its so hard to track i get crashs loading games in game loading the game up going to next map on map 1 2 and 3 when bosses come out on 3rd map freezes random it seem to b unpredictable
  5. I have taken a break for 2 months i just got back this update and it would b stupit to start all over on pc im almost done with ap and 999cap i put the time in but every update is not fixing underline problem crashes they been here since beta it would b nice if i didn't crash every time i played
  6. Ok this crash ill give to sony but the 100 plus crashs over the last 6 to 8 months cost me a few ap resets it crazy the amount of time is lost
  7. I been playing this game on ps4 for over 3 years can u plz fix this broke ass game i lost prestigious weapon i crash 2 to 5 times a day i lost so many hours of my 999 cap 50 ap reset because on map 3 it crashes freezes or some other stupit *** happen stop making it easier for cry baby that dont wanna put the time in and focus on fixing the game if bugs in this game don't effect ur pockets or game progression u guys don't fix them
  8. Lol alot of people r doing long term ap grinding because its not worth the time to waste 4 months just to push to 200 in a few months ur name will b so far down the list u will quit playing because ur so far behind i hope they being a super hard mode that is base around ap
  9. Ok i been experience alot of blue screens aka crashing and now with this update a freezing the the reroll replay screen traps not working like clouds bees and slimes not going backwards when there range shows 360 and more if u r having these problems comment and show them its a problem so they can fix them
  10. I was just getting back into c7 gear i told off sherds out of old gear to put in new when i went to put them back on they were gone so i went to hub and checked the scavenger and nothing it was a big hit to me one was thunderstuck and 2 of them r no longer in the game taser suit and regeneration i would like to get them back is there any thing u can do
  11. I can see this in happening in beta but not almost a year after being live trendy u guys make sure u fixed defender packs after one day of it being broke but when there r bigger issues like crashing 50 times a day it takes months to fix u guys need to test these patchs on ps4 before breaking the game ur game is live now act like it
  12. Ps4 We r on 3rd map for the 3rd time hope it save we lost so many floors to this crashing bs hope u guys figure out the cause to this and whats the besr way to get it to save
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