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  1. nop, it is not a graphical bug (playing on PS4 btw.) [[22761,users]] sure it`s abusing a system, but i am just to lazy to farm up my eq over and over again just a waste of time atleast you can have C7 gear with C8 mods now, so.... yeah ´╗┐´╗┐https://gyazo.com/6bfd81add7aab60074f7967516cc6aa4
  2. If you buy something from an other player-shop, the gear now gets synchronized to your current gear score. So, if your gear score is 1500 (mid chaos3 tier) and you want to buy something, it gets downgraded to C1/C2. Befor that hotfix I was able to buy C1 gear right after my AP reset. Now it gets downgraded to Campaign level. (so it`s pretty pointless to buy it) Conclusion : The synchroniz-system is just pointless and also a MASSIVE C1-C7 rush nerf. Who would use it? New player? Why should someone buy something, if it gets downgraded?
  3. can someone confirm, that the chaos 8 ampoules are dropping in onslaught 80+?
  4. On the PS4 you need to select "random maps" or choose the map u want to play, then u can join or create a game.
  5. Hi Guys, whats up. I would like to talk about the game and maybe a new feature. In the game "The Division" u can reroll the stats from your EQ, but u can only reroll 1 thing and it cost money. So for example, if your getting a chestplate with hero health and def health, u can reroll hero health to an other value. Would that be an idea? I would love it, because the drop rate of 750 ipwr gear is garbage and if u get one piece, the stats or the effects are sh*t. I did over 100 runs of catacombs and mostly the stats are good, but the effects are rolled unlucky. It's really annoying if u do a m
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