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  1. Stun lock you say? What do you do to build this? Granted, once they fix it. Lightning Aura, Proton beams, Ramsters with drenching sphere, Serenity auras with purge evil, Poison towers for damage. That is the core build. I add frosties and/or elemental chaos if there is room. Mix that with my tank that can hold bosses in place and I don't need walls. If i am not tanking I use training dummies with the teleport. Things don't make it through the stunlock twice. The ramsters are key though so this does not work currently. the work around is to use a geyser and an elemental chaos, but it is not as effective as the knock back from the ramster that kept the enemies in the protons.
  2. Confirmed. Now my favorite stunlock no wall build is not functional.
  3. I'm in the same boat..... Luckily I do love my Tank squire as well.
  4. Just a heads up these are bugs I have confirmed: Sky Dragon's Fury Polearm's Thunderball ability is creating lightning aura that do 1 damage per tick. Concussive shot sphere For huntress does not proc. Mana bar on hud is displaying improperly. Only visually takes up about 1/4 of the space it is supposed to. Enemy and Defense Tower hp bar is diaplaying improperly. Only visually takes up about 1/4 of the space it is supposed to. Steam powered sphere for the skeletal ramster is not drenching enemies. This has ruined my stunlock no walls build. Boost Blockade Health sphere does not give walls ANY bonus health. Fight Me not sphere is not adding damage. As a bonus it causes poison damage not to tick. My tank just had his effectiveness tanked. I will edit and add more as/if they are discovered and I confirm them.
  5. Sky Dragon's Polearm Thunderball ability is only doing 1 damage normal with 2 damage on crit. My favorite DPS character is now broken. Please fix ASAP.
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