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  1. Self Farmed IC: http://prntscr.com/e1jeyp Hidden Reserve. Wep: http://prnt.sc/e1j8ft Floor Pic/ Height: http://prntscr.com/e1muo5 Holding Wepon (Back): http://prntscr.com/e1mvb9 Holding Wepon (Front): http://prntscr.com/e1mvmh End Date: When I'm happy -----------------Accepting ---------------- Cubes-1:1 Coal- 6:1 (Max 5cv) Diamonds- 0/9/15 Events- - Aladdin's wish 55 CV - Magicite 110 CV Taking Private Message Offers Aswell C/O SupahMo 10CV
  2. How do you guys get such a low game time.... http://prnt.sc/ezx8i7 Definitaly going to try for a lower game time.
  3. Are you accepting events?
  4. Last bump, no bid in 12 hours ends the auction
  5. You won't be the only person overbidding :D
  6. Id say around 30-50cv, also it depends on how badly there is a need for the item. Nice find btw! and it is a lovely piece of armor.
  7. Group Photo Story: While running Lab Assult, EV's tend to get stuck under the map. There was one left so we decided to jump off and shoot it. So we did. Some random dude went first landed 1 shot and died. 2 others followed and they died while doing some damage too. And it was my turn, the faithful turn. I jumped, landed 1 shot. I got stuck on a rock and I end up killing the ev for the win. the chat was going crazy and I found that was so funny. Sadly I don't have a screenshot for the story. Number 24
  8. oh, whoops lol thanks for the heads up ger. And I wasn't getting any bids for 2 days straight also i wouldn't mind using this so yeah lol
  9. If there is no other bid in 24 hours, auction goes down.
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