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  1. Guess I'll give this a go. My steam is Necrolance. Only 200-ish hours of gameplay, I'm VERY far from endgame. I barely have myths as it is, and I don't even dream of trying Nightmare until I have the top of the top gear.
  2. Dwarf sounds more like a race than a class. Why not name it the Engineer instead? Considering the towers, it makes sense. Dwarven Engineer. Otherwise I don't know how I feel about this idea. The terrible grammar in the first post is one issue I have. As for the class itself? We don't need more supports, really. And the idea of having yet ANOTHER type of unit makes it overpowered. It would have to use defense units, because with three different unit types you could just use the summoner, 'dwarf', and the normal classes in an ultimate setup. As for the towers... Too many catapults that do abo
  3. They're actually pretty good for sort of expendable minions, I've seen them do good damage. Put them somewhere where they can't be easily hit(Say, the ledge at the bottom of the ramp in servant's quarters, where the bottleneck is), and they will actually work wonders. They work good in some bottlenecks on spots where they're difficult to hit, or just on ledges in general. I agree that they should be more useful, attack faster if anything... But they have their uses. Oh, and you forgot on the orc that it can AoE too.
  4. [c3;540025']im hoping this means custom maps will be available in ranked mode now. No. Because that would break the game. People could just make maps with high drop rates or chests with massive amounts of mana or high EXP rates. Custom maps will only become available in ranked if trendy deems them worthy. I'm sure you want custom maps in ranked to happen, but it won't without trendy approval of each and every one of them. Sorry, them's the breaks.
  5. they cant remove the mana cap its hard coded into the game same reason why they cant raise it however this is going to be fun no more fear of having afk shop open while i sleep as i generally hit the cap within an hour now i can sleep esay knowing my shop might sell out :) Well, they raised it once before, if I recall... This is quoted directly from previous patch notes: * Increased AFK Shops Mana Cap to 2,000,000,000, and those have reached their Shop Mana Cap are unable to sell anything further until some Mana is depleted. They also raised the soft cap to 400 million, and then lat
  6. Sounds pretty cheesy. Like... Bad pun cheesy. We do need more costumes, but I don't think it would look right.
  7. which would render all melee minions useless... (unless the slime had such shoddy health as it could be 1/2 shotted by a mage - which would make it a pretty pointless addition to the game) Not really, they probably won't be too common. Honestly, I think it wouldn't be too bad. And Lordraviel? The summoner has no issues at all. Very little things can actually counter it, because with a summoner you have double the defenses, and archers can be spammed easily, with little negative effect. I used to think the spiders were useless, but I realized they're just short-ranged and good at choke points
  8. I have an idea for this suggestion: Instead of absorbing loot, they absorb minion defenses? Think about it... After they removed the ability for djinn and sharken to affect them, where's the challenge of using a summoner? I honestly think that there needs to be more of a challenge with the summoner, and the slime would be perfect if it absorbed minions.
  9. The core specification would only really work if you had more than two cores. I might try this, if only to see if it'll lighten the load on my graphics card. I don't know if it'll help though.
  10. Seriously, read a bit more carefully. The jester is only the last CLASS. And there's only four lost shard episodes, did you expect it to go on forever? They're going to keep updating the game. They just won't make any more classes, and they're not making any more shard DLCs after this. There will still be DLC, and will still be new maps, patches, and everything else. Use some common sense.
  11. How about... Towers that all play some sort of joke, luring in the monsters? IT doesn't fit, the dances idea. The jester should be a class that lures in the enemy and when they get close, they get hit with a 'prank' of sorts, stunning them or slowing them or knocking them back, or even dealing a burst of damage.
  12. Summoners don't need a weapon, we have an extra pet for that, and if you want extra stats you can just get accessories.
  13. Um... There's a reason why we have Phase Shift. So we can walk through the minions. There's no reason why they should add it outside of phase shift, because it wouldn't make sense.
  14. I always use overlord for long-distance repairs and summons. I never stay in it too long. I only use phase shift to repair undetected/undisturbed. They're designed to be used strategically, and I intend to do so.
  15. Well, it depends on your luck. I got a pretty good ogre party hat that has pretty good stats, I think I got it off of nightmare. Give that a try, at least. I don't remember what stats it had, but they were pretty good. The starter damage isn't bad either.
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