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  1. Ah, okay. They just store it in a single byte or something? Thanks for the info.
  2. Er... I couldn't find information about this when I searched the forums. If a piece of gear has over 127 base (no set bonus) in a stat, it actually rolls around to become negative?
  3. So like... are you two going to hurry up and make out or what? Because I haven't got all night.
  4. Please God do not nerf anything... As multiple people have said in this thread, the speed of a weapon should effect the damage per hit. However, that does not mean that they should be normalized what are currently second-tier weapons (1.0 speed swords). Instead, all weapons should be dealing roughly the same DPS as a Katana. This means that the current 1.0 and slower weapons would need to have higher base damage to compensate for the Katana's speed. Net Result: Players can use the cool weapon models that they want, and there's no nerf. Concerns: Obviously, this could mean that big
  5. Because insulting someone for an honest mistake is always productive.
  6. A few months ago, I was playing survival with this totally obnoxious Huntress. I was just building some towers and minding my own business, and she just sold one of my towers mid-wave! I don't even really remember what happened, I was just so angry... it's all just one big blur. I think I remember screaming. When I finally came back to my senses, she was dead. It wasn't even my fault, it was an accident. But I knew Trendy wouldn't understand. I buried her body in Glitterhelm, I won't tell you where. I know it was wrong, but I've come too far in this game. I'm not giving it all up just b
  7. Speaking as a console player, I wish I was a "beta test zone", as you put it. You guys have way more content available and yet still the majority of threads in the last 24-48 hours have been nothing but complaining about the fact that a company is trying to stay profitable. So many of us have grown up with the message that everything we want should be free thanks to filesharing and torrents... and somehow a lot of us are translating that to the idea that even a small indie company -owes- us free stuff, instead of us being willing to pay them for an entertaining product.
  8. The auto-aim is limited to a small window in front of the Huntress. So it's really more about pointing yourself in the right direction... If you're having trouble on Zippy Terror, you can make the challenge ridiculously easy by using a Soul Focuser or Lava Beetle Exterminator. If they're upgraded, they'll still one-shot the Kobolds on Insane, and they'll go right through the walls for 100% shots-to-kills ratio. EDIT: Ah, I saw some other threads for this and realized why it was a problem on PC. But still, try the Lava Beetle if you're having trouble on Zippy Terror... you can just hold dow
  9. I play DD on the PS3, and because it's not 100% clear which patch we will eventually be receiving, I wanted to know if it's even remotely worthwhile to finish my Legendary Defender achievement yet. I only need to get to wave 20 on survival (glitched on PS3, usually freezes at wave 19), but I'm wondering if I should hold off and wait. I see numerous threads discussing pre-patch chicken pets that are essentially useless in the actual game other than as a trophy. When the older chickens are compared to new ones, and "super-loot" animus pets, they fall completely short and I don't want to have
  10. How many Trendy patches does it take to screw in a light bulb?
  11. I agree with OP 100%. Sure, if you want to argue that an RPG should require a time investment for the best gear, that's fine. But the fact of the matter is that there is no other choice whatsoever to have remotely useful gear in this game. We're not talking about a Blasticus, VW, or Crystal Tracker edging out other equipment by a couple of percentage points on DPS... we're talking about weapons that are damn near 30-50% more effective than anything you can get in other difficulty modes, but are essential for beating almost anything on insane mode. Making things worse is the fact that these
  12. I posted something similar in the general PS3 bugs thread, but that thing is so massive who knows what's getting read in there. Anyway, every time I get to about 4000-5000 enemies killed on The Deeper Well, Wave 19 on Easy... I get this exact same problem.
  13. I am also having an issue with freezing on the PS3. However, mine seems to be 100% reproducible. Mode: Survival Difficulty: Easy Map: The Deeper Well Character(s): Huntress(es) On Wave 19, around 4,000 kills (out of the total 9000+ in the wave), the entire game and console will freeze except for the music. Also, by this point in the game I am no longer bothering to pick up all of the mana that dead enemies drop, so there are several gems lying around the map in addition to several hundred enemies on screen at once. Possibly related: The game is noticeably laggy for seconds at a time a
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