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  1. hm 2 decent ult till 250h and couple supremes, nothing too fancy but usable, so guess i should count myself lucky funny thing, almost never drops anything of worth in KG, got all the good stuff in sky city :)
  2. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?66493-Guide-Karathiki-NMHC-Campaign-Solo-Clear-1000-stats-only! have not yet tried it. but if you do, let me know if it still works =)
  3. http://ddplanner.com/?l=14737,kobold-farm-w28-w35-insanehc-mil I remember doing it with around 2-3k stats on builders, did lots of upgrading during/between waves and stayed on my summoner for extra dps as far as I can remember
  4. disconnects and mobs getting stuck on each other.. especially painful when playing TS!
  5. quick hijack - would it be possible to tag along that nmhc aquanos run? cant seem to get it done with my dps :) cheers!
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