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  1. Exactly what I was talking too! Incursion was actually pretty fun during the NM4 days. Wonder Twin powers activated! :) Now we just need to get Trendy on board...
  2. I wasn't trying to thread hijack - I agree Bastille isn't a good weekly mission for anyone not in CT7 who are the people most likely to need those medals. But fixing the Incursions takes care of this problem in addition to the the daily quest problem and the lack of content problem for all CTs, so I view it as a suggestion for them to fix the problem and not really off topic.
  3. The best answer to this is to make Incursions back to how they were in NM4 days. Allow picking the difficulty, so you can play any of them on whatever CT version. The Incursions are supposed to be slightly harder than just normal maps of that difficulty, so have the medals + loots + XP + gold + shards at least balance out to CT rewards. You can make the Wayfarer only unlock the weapons when you beat them at a certain difficulty or higher, so that doesn't really change. Make Incursion versions of Betsy and Harbinger, and for the really fast maps (Harbinger and Demon's Lair) change them up so t
  4. I could see not giving points for elemental combos, though they would count as extra damage sometimes and stuns other times and I would really want that to be tracked. I dream that the game will allow us to see which DPS players actually made a difference and show things like kills + damage + CC counts, so you can get a good idea from the end scores. If you are going to have actual challenging modes, we need some way to separate the people getting carried from the people who actually play. As for speed, sometimes I want to take it slow so I would not want it to be required all the time for a
  5. This is working as of 1.1.1 I thought this happened to me recently but I haven't done as much with it recently. It really pissed me off early :) The reason it got old fast for me was definitely this - the score doesn't really reflect playing well or even doing the speediest builds, but instead requires a bunch of new rules that you have to follow in a specific way. All the rules to prevent upgrades and new defenses means that it is encouraging people to play bad, and needing different towers while staying under a certain DU means you have to use as many 20 DU defenses even if they are ba
  6. Sometimes they can - the short lane in Sewers for example has a pipe over the spawner, and you start on the pipe edge and bring it to the ground and then down the lane a bit more. Its poetic to kill Zapper that way :) But yeah - the damage for 20 DU defenses scales way too much, as DP and DCD increase by 100% base per upgrade so at Tier 5 it does 5 times the normal and crit damage of Tier 1. But with Power Transfer, the crit damage goes up 15x instead so is just crazy OP. With the exception of Vampiric Empowerment which scales slightly with upgrades (ie my flame auras normally get 3x damage fr
  7. If you have full ascension and the Mana Capacitor shard, with 300 mana you at least keep Harden/Enflame up for a whole wave and he will regain full each new one. With that and the two shards for that power, he will bounce projectiles and have a .5M HP shield at all times, and hide underground and heal quickly. So yeah - he is hard to kill with that. Buff that up to a full HD/HCD/HP with Radiant Power and the usual HD shards, and he can take out rollers without taking damage. But you just can't really make an AP version of him unless you spend DU on a fissure. Eruption costs 80 DU, and Molten C
  8. I had this happen too I think, and under similar circumstances. Was in a public with a win streak, we won and hit continue, but ended up in tavern thinking the streak was gone. But when I started another round, my win streak was continued. So I don't think this is a bug even if it is not intentional - this only works when a bug kills your win streak, and works to mitigate the annoyance of losing the win streak. You may still have to find a new party, but if you are shard + XP farming you don't lose much besides a little time.
  9. Yes to what Pandy said! The Chaos bosses show up in the lists, but they don't show up as bosses. Shouldn't that be a bug? I would also like any of the previous bosses to show up too - would at least make the last wave interesting. Since all the boss you get now is countered the same way as his lesser powered minions, most of them really don't matter much. But getting Thorc or Geode Prime on some CT7 builds would mean you had to actually pay attention and deal with them.
  10. Gato Fireworks is the best for boss killing, but it depends on Hero Damage and Hero Crit Damage to work. If you are doing an AP build, there isn't too much that helps you. Dracholich's will double all damage, and really that is about it for direct AP damage. Hopefully with the pet changes they are doing they will make this better.
  11. I don't get it? I'm still upgrading my Bling-O-Midas & Shadowflame Knife. Some of them are 0/0 upgrades, but yeah some of them require up to almost 600k gold or several hundred medals. The Lunar Portal is pretty crazy - you can spend almost 1M gold to upgrade the weapon and the shard, and if you are not CT7 geared it will be trash quickly as your gear progresses. Even if you are, as soon as CT8 happens it is gone. That Wayfarer should be selling Snake Oil too...
  12. I have 2.7k relics, my armor all legendary and can be sold for +-300. But I've been doing it all wrong. I've been using my one character as a hybrid. I'm making another Dryad for buider. But I have a question. What should I level first in defence category? I also don't know what the best dryad defence is. One character as a hybrid is harder, especially with low Ascension. For any builder, you pretty much need 20 points in utility to get the +20% Def Crit Chance. That alone can easily add +50% to your tower DPS, and much much more in some cases. Your DPS char wants the +20% Hero Crit Chance to
  13. Without upgrades, Snake Coil is the best DPS/DU ratio. With upgrades, LSA as it gains 100% base DPS every upgrade. Effectively though, Flame Aura + Proton Beams + Earthshatter + PDTs + Hornets can all be more effective though IMHO as they hit more critters and may apply slow/knockup/special effects.
  14. There was absolutely no hostility what so ever. Nor is there any fight here. In fact it was kind of an appreciation from my part. I thought it was flirting, and was going to suggest getting that you two get a chat room... That is what DD2 needs - an official DD2 romance, hopefully less incest-y than Game of Thrones.
  15. What kind of stats are you getting? In Chaos 2, you should be able to get Blue Relics with a gold value of 140. If you are not close to that, you should look at one of the guides for how to get your loot to progress. Basically, keep replacing stuff as much as possible and it should be pretty fast. If you have close to top level gear, then that is good and you just need to work on the builds. Ascension 60 is very useful (you will want +20% chance on Def Crit Chance on your builders), and it is just a question of the right strategy for the level. Chaos III has geodes, so you don't want to use to
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