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  1. your 20k more health than me and 400 more attack...sadly that is more than enough to make the difference =( ...nice videos and nice job though. i was honestly impressed
  2. I only succeed about 10 percent of the time and i do it slightly different..but you have 2x my attack..makes me a sad puppy also... i've gotten 15 weapons so far and not one of them has been over 130^....i must have really bad luck with the RNG
  3. pidorz? does that mean what i think it means?
  4. You guys are using it wrong :) so it's not a duel attack duel wield toon but a single attack and i just get to choose what sword to attack with? i'm sure you became quite familar with it during your beta testing but your ...your doing it wrong comments have no value atm.
  5. ahh..i think Trendy knew from the start that their game was quite vulnerable to editing programs. The simple fact is they figured it was going to be a much less popular game because they operated on a small budget to start with and they figured that the editing programs would be a small scale impact to the game. I highly doubt they were able to forsee USD shops and etc being popular. There is no way they could have developed this game and not known the vulnerabilities.
  6. The problem with their ninja nerfs are that they are most times not even tested at all and it's the last second thing they go OMFG you know we should do this! it will balance the game a lot more. and we've seen the results of that.
  7. I didn't see a response to the person complaining that their 5 year old system was getting so bad that after 3 hours of deeper wells they would lag out. This sounds more to me like bandwith throttling or the need to re-install the system and wipe everything. All computers slow down as time goes by and junk code infests your drive and registry. Best thing to do would be to re-install your operating system and all of your games.
  8. The biggest problem is that Trendy has turned a significant portion of their player base into a micro police force that is untrained and is reporting anything better than what "they have seen before". There is no rhyme or reason to it and it has caused a lot of players to get disgusted with the game. I haven't logged in for like 2 weeks. After beating the spider boss and doin NMHC to wave 20 i just had no desire to play it anymore. Though i have to say beating the spider boss was pretty epic.
  9. I disagree. He has taken it upon himself to provide tough love on this forum to all the whiners in an effort to lower the q.q and raise the pew pew. and he does that by whining and qqing about whiners and qqers...bravo to complete failure
  10. Its is pointless to cryabout hackers on this thread, trendy doesnt reply on it. Instead post a link with any gear you have a question about and people will answer if its legit. IM pretty sure that was the point of this thread to begin with. So please if you have a question about your gear post a link with the pic about it. If you want to cry about to many hackers, get over it its a known problem crying will do nothing. methinks you should rename yourself to mr insult instead of mr helpful
  11. spiders dont need fix you need a better set up to stop spiders, stop crying and practice more. what is wrong with the picture here? somone who thinks himself helpful enough to name himself/herself mr helpful yet he turns out to be a complete ***..i'm shocked i tell you
  12. A new friend on dd gave me a 200-235 no neg stat item and I sold it thinking it was hacked. I played with him again and he asked where it was and I explained I didn't want a possible hacked item so i sold it. he then showed me a screenshot of a misty game and of that item on the ground. He says he commonly screenshots items he finds after wave 15NM hc mix because people threaten to report him as all of his gear is 170-250 stats I feel like this post cheated me and scared me into being stupid and selling a legit item. Bingo...they are ruining the experience of the game for many
  13. Heres a problem i see, you get in trouble for hacked gear if you have it. You can hack gear to look legit. So how are you going to know if your gear from a afk shop if hacked or not? Its to late todo anything abouut hacked gear in this game, its already to deeply in it. all someone has todo is a deeper wells run on easy, pick up items, edit them to mythical, make the stats look decent, not op, and it will sell in there shops. Now anyone who bought something from them has hacked gear and can get baned. sounds fair right? Someone from Trendy needs to speak up about this hacking issue, The
  14. 30th. It's in beta testing now. Jer made a post in general about it (ya i know wth in general?). He said it's ready but valve won't be ready to release it until the 30th
  15. We took a long break from DD...... So we tried to farm NM for items but we cant handle it right now so we bought some Items from Shops to push our stats. Now im reading this thread and since i dont know what the max stats are i have to fear that all my items are hacked? Is my upgraded 4k mage staff legit? 4k base Monk weapon? +100-200 stat armor? How is this supposed to help me? I searched the Forums but couldnt find any answers, some people say they found 2-7k base damage monk weapons or +200 stat armor. When i stopped playing DD i could easy tell a hacked item but now with alls th
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