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  1. Is is possible to get back the sold item? I just accidentaly sold my pet. It has about 47 affection points and my first pet. It was not legendary so I accidentally sold it thinking it is just trash.
  2. - Horrible drop rate of the iPWR 750 Medallion on the Demon's Lair Incursion, havent got one after 20+ runs - Do not need to wait for players in private games
  3. Easiest way is throne room onslaught for every hero, but you need an auto clicker to press g and esc because it will take a long time to find the gear you want
  4. Just want to know if the game can be even easier with a LM builder. Maybe replace some AL archers with a volcano can do more damage?
  5. Finally figured out how to play, killed all assassins but the wave still does not end. Another thing, when I type "assassin" in game, it become "****", maybe it won't let me type "ass"?
  6. I have no idea how to play the incursion. I got 4 books, click on the table thing, then I die if I am near it, repeat. But I won't lose even if I just AFK because the enemies are too weak
  7. I can only see damage numbers, can't even see enemies even they are just in front of me
  8. I had that RNG in the power surge incursion, it gets really quite demotivating. But on a plus side, with a good group you can do the new incursion insanely fast, takes 3x eggs to kill the boss as the bosses HP does not scale from solo to 4 player LOL I always get a group of people that dont know what to do, how to build
  9. They can just copy everything from dd1 and add some more things to make dd2 a good game. I miss the customizable crystal, our own tarven with trophies, maps, more traps, more stats on gears, etc.
  10. Which ability should I use to dps? Or just spam 1234567?
  11. What are the best passives and spheres for the Gunwitch? She has too many abilities, passives and spheres. It is difficult to decide which to focus on.
  12. Leveling is too boring now. Please increase the exp for nightmare IV maps.
  13. It says it is a guaranteed drop in the following link but it isn't http://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Updated_Weapon_Drops
  14. My game crashed today because of Alt Tabbing
  15. At least give us 1000 gems
  16. Where is the patch notes? Is there any official announcement of the delay other than the unexpected problem in game? What is going on Trendy?
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