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  1. Is is possible to get back the sold item? I just accidentaly sold my pet. It has about 47 affection points and my first pet. It was not legendary so I accidentally sold it thinking it is just trash.
  2. - Horrible drop rate of the iPWR 750 Medallion on the Demon's Lair Incursion, havent got one after 20+ runs - Do not need to wait for players in private games
  3. Easiest way is throne room onslaught for every hero, but you need an auto clicker to press g and esc because it will take a long time to find the gear you want
  4. Just want to know if the game can be even easier with a LM builder. Maybe replace some AL archers with a volcano can do more damage?
  5. Finally figured out how to play, killed all assassins but the wave still does not end. Another thing, when I type "assassin" in game, it become "****", maybe it won't let me type "ass"?
  6. I have no idea how to play the incursion. I got 4 books, click on the table thing, then I die if I am near it, repeat. But I won't lose even if I just AFK because the enemies are too weak
  7. I can only see damage numbers, can't even see enemies even they are just in front of me
  8. I had that RNG in the power surge incursion, it gets really quite demotivating. But on a plus side, with a good group you can do the new incursion insanely fast, takes 3x eggs to kill the boss as the bosses HP does not scale from solo to 4 player LOL I always get a group of people that dont know what to do, how to build
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