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  1. Is it worth? that's up to you. For me? No The onslaught floor you need to reach gets exponentially higher each reset. Here is the post with that info. For the 20th reset I needed to reach floor 59. For me that was doable with only one upgraded tinkered relic. If I push much further It wouldn't necessarily take longer to climb and complete a reset. However I will need to start paying attention, start having to dps, also will require more upgraded relics and shards, so therefor more expensive. No idea the floor you would need to reach for 70th reset, I'm sure its over 300. I couldn't imagine g
  2. I just recently did all of my AP resets to reach 999 talent caps. All were completed since the Isle of Dread update. Here is my results and my 2 cents. My first reset was Floor 59 and ASC 350. After my resets I only upgraded 1 relic, this was my Weapon Man relic. This was all I needed to climb back up for next reset. Each climb I reset immediately when I reached the min floor required, regardless of my current Ascension. (all resets were < Ascension 400) To reach my 999 caps, I am now AP19. You can reach the 999 cap with fewer resets by climbing higher each reset. This is personal prefere
  3. I finally failed on floor 59 with Omega Wave. Not bad for only 2 builders. (EV2 Weapon Mans did 95% of the work) I don't have a dps hero, so I didn't have much of a chance here. Instead of building all this again I just decided to AP Reset. I can confirm your min ascension can be higher than current ascension, as you all said. At Onslaught floor 59 and Ascension level 350. My first reset was +123 Talent Cap and +369 Min Ascension. Thanks everyone!
  4. I think I am ready to start using Ancient Power, but have a few questions before I get started! I'm fresh back to the game this expansion, its been a few years so all of this is new to me. I have looked into guides and asked around, but nothing I found is up to date since recent AP/Onslaught changes. I was told to do one big push in Onslaught before starting AP resets. How high should I push? I'm at floor 50 Onslaught now. I read to at least get to Min Asc 210+ so I can use 70 in each tree, making my life easier after the reset.Is there a way to skip floors that are far too easy? Spent all d
  5. If they would just use each item/tower they add/buff for 5 mins... it is pretty easy to tell if it is completely OP or broken. 1 person could do this in 1 day for every item/tower in the game. And we shouldn't even have to mention or ask for this, it should be FUN to try them all out. I know it's the first thing I do after a patch hits. +1
  6. Pirate Huntress. Liked it so much I didn't want to switch Heroes again. S/S taken on potato laptop, sorry for LQ
  7. We still haven't seen anyone mention fixing the tier 5 crit damage at tier 1. Proton Beams have over 40k crit damage at tier 1, so no need to upgrade them. The spheres were fixed but the true problem still remains.
  8. Unfortunately I completely agree. This game desperately needs hard content asap. My entire friends list is already off playing other games 2 days after the patch. It is so much more important to fix what is already here, than voting/adding another map or hero. I'm afraid the people who got bored and quit won't be back, this really needs to be addressed before its too late.
  9. Yeah the XP is pretty poor in onslaught, but that is XP you could farm while asleep. It would be no different than botting to high paragon in D3. 150 rounds of XP every single night would add up.
  10. The Paragon System that gives Xp meaning above level cap, is still to this day my favorite feature of Diablo 3. The people who put in the time, are rewarded for doing so. Although this game definitely needs much harder before anything like this can be added. The last thing we need right now is even more powerful Heroes. Also would have to remove Xp from onslaught to keep people from afk/macro leveling.
  11. All I use is a poison dart tower and serenity aura at each spawn. If you wanted to make a huntress builder that is, you don't need EV and AL anymore.
  12. just curious why replying a thread need to use so many different accounts ? what? why would anyone have more than one account? I don't know what you're asking. EDIT: Do you mean Heroes?
  13. Yes stacking as much as I could on Dummies crashed my game. But there is no lag at all while doing a map. The lightning area is not even visible on the ground. Enemies walk out of the spawn and instantly die, like they hit a wall.
  14. I have done many maps with only this weapon, works without a problem. I can stack lightning area at the beginning of each lane, instant killing everything. Works on Air, and lasts all 5 rounds too. G,G,G,G,Win The screenshot was just me seeing how high I could stack the damage. I couldn't read DPS much higher than 70mil. Yes this eventually crashed my game.
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