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  1. Opening alpha/beta up to paying users has it's benefits for Trendy, but it also means they open the doors to players that aren't used to, or don't want to provide feedback in a constructive and mature manner. It's just the way it is :( While people don't directly provide suggestions, they do so inadvertently. I'm sure Trendy will realize people don't like vacuuming, and the obvious progression of that is to allow their homeless dude to hit the battlefield once the dust has settled. I also wish people weren't so childish with their responses. It would make Trendy's job a little easier.
  2. I made a post on the loot and survive patch suggesting people be a bit more rational with their criticism. Honestly, this is the intertrons, it's not going to happen. I think Trendy are all grown up enough to realize this and understand that people are passionate about their game and passionate about the amount of time they spend playing their game, and that this may result in some heated words when things go awry, At the end of the day, feedback, even if it's in the middle of vitriol, is better than silence. Unfortunately, Trendy may be somewhat responsible for the childlike behavior. Yes, it's an alpha. Yes, most of us knew this when we handed over our money. Yes, most of us understood that there would be bugs and there would be wipes. However, as a previous poster mentioned, their decision making around patches does not bode well for their conduct once the game is released. They also have a track record of making a mess of patches going back to DD1. A patch that had results very similar to this patch is actually why I stopped playing DD1. I just got a bit fed up with multiple patches breaking progression and artificially dividing the player base based on how quick they were to jump on the latest game breaking mechanic. Six or seven years later, they're still doing it. They should be making an effort to demonstrate a more thoughtful approach to updates in order to instill some confidence on their fans.
  3. I was able to get a drop after about 30 runs, and my patience was definitely running thin. The experience reminded me of playing vanilla WoW, running an instance over and over again in the hopes that a piece of a set drops. And while I stopped playing WoW a very long time ago, I'm pretty sure they introduced a token system that rewarded achievements in The Burning Crusade. They did this because grinding for hours on end with no sense of progression is pretty unsatisfying. However, I do like the idea of timed events that offer unique rewards, particularly when it's combined with something quite difficult to achieve. As a previous user mentioned, I think tokens could be a good solution. Tokens could be combined with the some sort of chance system. For example, the reward could cost a certain amount of event tokens, let's say it's an amount that would normally require a significant investment of time and effort. However, the tokens could scale with difficulty or various other challenges (as mentioned by a previous poster). Or, there could just be a chance that a boss will drop enough tokens to buy the item outright. This retains the element of chance, but also gives the player a measure of progress towards something that is achievable, even if it's extremely difficult. Having said all that, the event pushed me to become more involved with the community, rather than just solo grinding xp. It also forced me to think a lot about two maps that I hadn't previously played much, discovering new ideas and tactics for said maps. In the end, it was pretty damn frustrating, but there was still quite a bit of fun involved, and I enjoyed meeting some pretty cool fellow players.
  4. My main is a squire, but I leveled a mage specifically to deal with the large groups of bomb throwers and little goblins. Pre-patch it kind of didn't matter which dps tower you used, now I've had to use a mix. If I stick with squire I can't take out the goblins fast enough. Just mage loses single target dps. Monk should work too, but my monk is still tiny, so he doesn't make much of an impact. I don't know, I've had to be a lot more thoughtful with this patch. I think part of the feeling of towers being weak might also be the balance of loot progression. Pre-patch you were getting relics with 350+ main stat at level 25. At 34 my relics have 140ish main stat. I guess the power curve has slower ramp up with extra levels and difficulty. Thinking about it, it makes sense that people are feeling frustrated. It's gone from level 25 end game, something you could reach in very little time and start getting very powerful items, to level 50 endgame, which is going to take a lot longer. Added to that are the speed changes and the fact that the high end gear is now hidden behind more layers of progression. That sense of rapid growth isn't as obvious as before. The growth is there though. In one day of play I've gone from getting smashed on normal free play to comfortably farming ramparts and liferoot forest. I can't sit back and watch the towers yet, but there's definite progression. Anyway, now I'm just rambling. :P
  5. Nice, thanks for the taking the time to write a sensible reply. On a side note, I just solo'd the ramparts on normal free play, and it was much more satisfying than doing it on the pre-patch incursion. It took me about 7 or 8 builds in between some item farming. Yeah, the apparent increase in ranged minions combined with the attack speed nerf and targeting issues (ballistas!) makes it a real pain in the arse; however, it also makes tower placement a lot more important (corners are your friends). I guess that's the hard part of developing a hybrid game like this and trying to offer so many choices in game-play. Everyone has a different style they enjoy. I totally get the fun feeling of high range and attack speed, and my first few times on 5.0 ramparts I was yelling at my ballistas. I swear I sat there and watched them do nothing for 20 seconds. They just kept turning from left to right trying to get a target. They have a long way to go, and seem to be working really hard to keep us happy. I hope everyone can keep enjoying the game as it grows :)
  6. So, you expect to go from 'zero to hero' in two days when they have added about 5 new difficulty levels?
  7. I think I have about 400 hours on DD1, and I never saw towers shooting half way across the map, or towers shooting at mini-gun speed. I stopped playing before most of the expansions came out. My point is that there was a lot of game to be played before Trendy decided to up the stats to uber level. I'm totally on board with people voicing their opinions, but we should hold off on the hyperbole until the game has had time to develop. More importantly, I think you shouldn't feel like the game is broken at this point. Trendy is really good at listening to feedback, you just need to have some patience. This isn't about not providing feedback, I just feel quite down when I see people jumping to negative conclusions and giving quite nasty ultimatums; the game is doomed, I've quit playing, towers are useless, bargain bin, etc. The other thing is that people seem to be equating attack range and speed to power. I get that these two attributes provide satisfying visual and auditory feedback, but they aren't the only aspect of power. They haven't said that towers won't reach super levels. Have you seen the items at end game? Obviously not from your own game, because I guarantee people haven't got that far yet. From the screenshots? Towers will absolutely be powerful. I'm also sure they have lots of work to do with the skill spheres. I"m only at level 30, but they don't seem to have added any spheres for attack speed beyond the already existing level VII sphere. We have an extra 25 levels that don't seem to have been catered for yet. There was also a clear issue with attack speed and the interaction with other mechanics. LA + water was absolutely broken. A single LA and a couple of water traps were stronger than any other combination of defenses worth 4 times the mana value. People have talked about other solutions that retain attack speed, but it's undeniable that something had to be done. They had an idea and they implemented it. That's what alphas are for, and we're fortunate enough to able to contribute to their development of the game and provide feedback. We should do so in a reasonable and considered way without jumping to conclusions. Some of the feedback has been really good, but it's hard to take it seriously when it's hidden in the middle of drivel that sounds like it's coming from the mouth of spoiled children that just want to PEW PEW PEW OMG MY TOWRZ AREFKN LAZRZ BEAMZ! :)
  8. Get some inspiration from your boredom :P [URL=http://s578.photobucket.com/user/shudster/media/BoredSquire_zpsj9meolsk.jpg.html][IMG]http://i578.photobucket.com/albums/ss224/shudster/BoredSquire_zpsj9meolsk.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  9. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=645 Similar to HKSmaster, this build is based on the idea of thwarting warriors. That's how I roll it with fairly high stats. But, that build has 50 DU remaining, so you have plenty left to beef it up if need be.
  10. Cyrup, you're clearly a smart guy, and you've expressed your frustration in, what I feel, was an appropriate and literate manner. Nice posts. See the responses you've had? That's why I stopped posting on forums years ago. Four paragraphs is a wall of text? If people can't handle 2 minutes worth of concentrated comprehension .... I don't even know how to finish that sentence.
  11. I have exactly the same problem. Game freezes, can't alt-tab, have to start task manager and end the application, and even then sometimes it refuses to close, forcing a system restart. Latest drivers installed, etc. No idea what's going on.
  12. My suspicion is that people see an assassin and run away because they know they'll get shredded from past experience. So they leave their towers undefended. Their towers should rightfully be shredded at that point, concur? BL4zD, I really appreciate the tone of your posts dude, you're clearly a smart guy that is attempting to keep things civil; props. What actually happens in game is the opposite of what you described. Amongst my friends, its common knowledge that if you don't want your turrets to get shredded by warriors, you should not stand anywhere near them. Insane spooky for example. I was running it with a mate last night, and he was up at the north crystal, standing on the end of the red roof (purely because warriors seem to have a phobia of that roof, and will just meander along with every other creep instead of targetting the player). Meanwhile, I was standing in the middle of all the turrets at the centre crystal, holding the fort. Every time I turn around, my fireball turrets lose half their health, and I'm whinging about having to do more repairing than usual. My mate points out that I'm standing in the middle of everyting, and DE warriors are messing my sh** up. I move AWAY from my turrets, instead of staying near them to defend; problem solved. When said mate solos summit insane, he basically sits in a corner as far away from his setup as possible, until he needs to pop out to dps an ogre or two. When I solo insane I setup traps near my wyvern turrets to deal with DE warriors that are being d***ks. So, I don't actually care about DE warriors too much, we have out ways of dealing with them. My point is that whacky behaviour does happen. They will ignore you and go straight for your turrets, and do it on a regular basis. When I'm no where near my setup, they get melted just like every other creep. When I'm standing near my stuff, defending, they go into psycho mode, avoid/resist everything and sometimes go straight for me, but sometimes just go stright for turrets. Although I would never petition for a change, this behaviour is pretty freaking frustrating sometimes. Especially when the only way to stop it happening is to stand somewhere that seems to break their player interaction (and this almost feels glitchy - red rood on spooky for example), or stand as far away from your setup as possible. I'm in Oz, its work time here, so I can't post a vid. I'd be happy to when I get home.
  13. First of all, there is no need to be aggressive. Secondly, this mode for the time being is going to be mostly community driven and balanced. We look at everything and will make changes, but if people complain about the current state of things I will simply ignore it. Its Pre-Alpha for a reason. Haven't played CTF, don't particularly care about it. However: Tsuda, he was not aggressive in the slightest. And, compared to the majority of posts on this forums, he was actually fairly constructive, not simply being a complaining little brat. I don't know dude, I think you could have saved your "p***ed-off-dev-that-didn't-actually-read-the-post" post for a thread more deserving.
  14. : of a comparably geared, though tower specced squire, killing the ancient dragon faster that a DPS huntress. Please.
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